Mike Madigan Drops $7,800 in Dee Beaubien’s Campaign Last Week of August

In a report to the Illinois State Board of Elections Saturday, Political Action Committees reported having spent $7,758.96 on behalf of Dee Beaubien, who is running as an “Independent.”

The money put into Dee Beaubien’s campaign by House Speaker Mike Madigan on August 30th.

The money paid for not one, but two mailings (first here, second here), plus the salaries of

  • Shaw Decremer of Chicago and
  • Andy Jones of Aurora

The two entities are

  • Democratic Party of Illinois and
  • Democratic Majority

The first paid $5,338.52 for two mailings on behalf of Dee Beaubien (Ind. – Madigan).

The second PAC paid salaries of the field staff.

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