McHenry County Romney Alternate Delegate on Jack Franks’ Fundraising Host Committee

The cover of Jack Franks’ 2012 McHenry County fund raiser invitation.

A friend of McHenry County Blog has forwarded an invitation to Democrat State Rep. Jack Franks’ September 29th fundraising breakfast at Donley’s Wild West Town.

The Jesse White Tumblers will perform.

As usual Franks provides a list of those who have agreed to be on his Host Committee.

In 2010 those attending the Crystal Lake 4th of July Parade could have seen this flip.

Unlike last year, GOP Sheriff Keith Nygren is not on the list.

But Woodstock Mayor Brain Sager still is.

He’s there with Chicago Democratic Party Ward Committeeman and Alderman Ed Burke.

Last year, such sponsorship was less significant than this year.

Brian Sager

Then, Sager was only a minor cog in the McHenry County Republican Party, a Precinct Committeeman from Greenwood Township Precinct 6.

The mayoral post is non-partisan.

Sure, I’ve written that I believe he wishes to run for Franks’ seat when Franks runs for something else, but his official role is that a GOP Precinct Committeeman.

This year, Sager

  • was recruited to run as an Alternative Delegate by State Treasurer Dan Rutherford,
  • was elected and
  • is just returning from the National Republican Convention.

Looking for Republican County Board member candidates, I see far fewer than last year.

Randy Donley, who is retiring this year is listed.

There is a listing for “Bob & Judi Martens.”  I do not know if that is the District 4 candidate listed on the ballot as “Robert Martens Sr.”

Want to see who was on the Host Committee last year? Click away below:


McHenry County Romney Alternate Delegate on Jack Franks’ Fundraising Host Committee — 6 Comments

  1. More evidence that Rutherford is an empty suit.

    And he has gubernatorial ambitions?

  2. When will these IDIOT “Republicans” realize they are being USED by Franks for his gain.

    People like Donley and Sager are “star eyed” and become “host members” behaving in a manner like a middle school girl with a crush.

    What wussies.

    Amazing, absolutely amazing how stupid these people are.

    Nygren, on the other hand, is simply a Democrat.

    He’s no idiot.

    He’s just a liberal bad guy.


  4. Skeptic is right on target !!

    The Republican Partly, sadly, has no spine to run a political party.

    These people socialize with one another and it would ruin their Champagne Breakfast Fundraisers were they to disagree with one another on the open forum.

    Pass the Eggs Romanoff, don’t worry about issues !!!

    And please do so on the taxpayers dime!

    Sager and Donley have probably visited the Franks 2nd home Mansion in Lake Geneva.

    That’s the second home’s purpose, anyway.

    Wonder why Illinois is headed down a fiscal cliff?

  5. Skeptic as I have said time and time again the REPUBLICAN Party in McHenry County has been used, Tryon way off people.

    NYGREN is a Democrat who now wants Andy the clown as sheriff.

    So many county board members are Rubber Stamps.

    I think we have Two members out of 24 that make decisions on their own that is P.Y. and S.S. wake up people.

    McHenry County citizens being used, just my opinion.

  6. Honestly?

    Yeahh, Republicans REALLY lack sufficient representation in McHenry County.

    I think you all just aren’t happy unless your complaining about something.

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