Foxmoor Subdivision Burglary Follow-up Finds More Homes in Play

Police Chief Ron Lukasik

An email from Fox River Grove Police Chief Ron Lukasik:

“In following up on the residential burglaries in the Foxmoor Subdivision, the police department took a proactive approach during the subsequent investigation.

The 600 block of Hunters Way in Fox River Grove. Click to enlarge.

“A canvass of the area homes revealed six additional attempts or residential burglaries that had occurred.

“The police department has recovered several items that have not been claimed or identified by these victims.

“At this time it is believed that more burglaries may have occurred in the subdivision that have not been reported.

Zachary White was arrested.

“We are asking residents to check their home for missing items such as jewelry, small tools and household items.

“If you have items missing and believe you may be a victim of one of these crimes, please contact Sgt. Domagala or Officer Eric Waitrovich at the police department 847-639-2411.

Based on entry points from the previously reported burglaries they will be able to verify whether entry was made to your residence.”

The original press release from the Fox River Grove Police can be found here.

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