Retired Des Plaines Police Commander Bill Prim, 20-Year Cary Resident, Announces for McHenry County Sheriff

A press release from McHenry County Sheriff’s candidate Bill Prim:



Bill Prim

Veteran Police Commander and longtime McHenry County resident Bill Prim announced Wednesday that he will be a candidate for the Republican nomination for McHenry County Sheriff in 2014, running on a platform of reforming and revitalizing the Sheriff’s Office.

Comdr. Prim, recently retired from the Des Plaines Police Department after a 27-year continuous career, said the McHenry County Sheriff’s Office (MCSO) desperately needs to break from its recent practices and forge a new identity based firmly upon the principles of

  • accountability;
  • improved community relations; and
  • a new emphasis on tapping volunteer enthusiasm.

The 20-year Cary resident brings with him a wealth of experience and decades-long ties to other local, state and federal law enforcement agencies. He vowed to repair the tattered fabric of relationships between the MCSO and other county agencies and their leadership.

“The Sheriff’s Office needs to work with and alongside other county departments,” Prim said. “No good has come out of all this constant intra-county friction.”

Similarly, Prim said, the various web of relationships with state and federal agencies needs rebuilding, not least because they can become the sources of much-needed funding, as can asset forfeiture (confiscation of funds and tangible assets from criminal defendants), a practice in which Comdr. Prim is an acknowledged expert.

In addition to supervision at every level, Prim has seen active service in various law enforcement specialty functions such as

  • Gang Crimes
  • Narcotics
  • Criminal Investigations Division
  • SWAT and
  • Hostage Negotiation

and has graduated from some of law enforcement’s most prestigious training academies, including Northwestern University’s School of Police Staff and Command.

Prim said that if he is elected, the first task will be to repair and restore the image of the MCSO in the community.

“Whether real or simply perception, the image of the Sheriff’s Office currently is one of a private club managed for the benefit of its members, not a professional law enforcement agency drawing its legitimacy and authority from the citizens,”

Prim said.

“I intend to change that.”

In addition, Prim believes that top layers of management at the MCSO can be thinned without impacting safety or the quality of service.

If he is elected Sheriff, taxpayers can expect to see economies in administrative staff, Prim said.

Prim said that while the general election is more than two years away, and the Republican primary roughly a year and a half, he will begin to seek support among elected leaders, businessmen, law enforcement professionals and private citizens.

The various official and unofficial elements of his campaign will be developed in due course, he said, but he wanted to put interested parties on notice that he will be a candidate, and intends to be a successful one.

= = = = =

You can read Prim’s resume here.

Almost a year ago McHenry County Undersheriff Andy Zinke announced his candidacy with Sheriff Keith Nygren’s full support.  August 1st, I learned of Jim Harrison’s intention to run against Zinke.  Now there are three.


Retired Des Plaines Police Commander Bill Prim, 20-Year Cary Resident, Announces for McHenry County Sheriff — 14 Comments

  1. This is Exactly WHAT WE NEED!!

    Impeccable resume.

    Get rid of the clowns we have running the department in the ground!!

  2. A reformer.

    This is exactly what we need here.

    Between his resume and the quote from his presser about shrinking the size of government, we may have just seen the first of many reformers stepping up to the plate.


    Andrew Gasser

  3. Compare this guys resume to Andy Zinke’s.

    Andy’s consist of – ‘”I DID WHATEVER NYGREN TOLD ME TO DO”.

  4. I am open to hearing more from Commande Prim, as opposed to Zinke and Harrison.

  5. Whew! For a moment, I thought we’d be stuck with two losers who have more baggage than a jetliner.

    3 Cheers for Comm. Prim.

  6. C’ya Andy the Clown.

    Jim go back to your law office.

    We now can have a Good Sheriff in McHenry County.

    Go BILL

  7. No “Prim’s Posse” license plate frames!!!!

    That will be great.

  8. When Nygren leaves early, which we all know he will, Prim should get the appointment.

    Call your county board members now and demand a change.

  9. This man has done some work with Custom Enforcement. I wonder if he has ever been introduced to Sheriff Nygren’s Latino Community Liaison -Jose Rivera? I have a feeling he may know some things, this guy. I’ll be watching. Very interesting.

  10. “Thinning of management” , that sounds AWESOME !

    Bill I have a list I need you to see.

  11. A FOUR WAY RACE FOR SHERIFF? Big-Z sure did a number on this county. The contestants are coming out of the woodwork this time around. I guess the fear factor has lessened since Seipler took on the establishment. Let’s not forget who actually went toe to to with the Walrus and showed the county who he really is.

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