Moore Provides Information about Township Assessor’s Electrical Needs

Linda Moore

On the heels of Grafton Township Supervisor candidate Marty Waitzman’s comments about electrical needs in the Assessor’s Office comes this response from Grafton Township Supervisor Linda Moore in this memo to Assessor Bill Ottley:

Memo: It would be best if people had all of the facts before advocating for the expenditure of tax dollars. I am hopeful to receive a response to the letter which I gave the Assessor soon. An additional copy is being provided to Assessor Ottley today for his response.

Linda Moore, Grafton Township Supervisor


RE: Electrical Service Update and Electrical Related Losses in Town Hall

Dear Bill,

I would like to accommodate your desires, but I have some problems with your request. I have specified them in this letter. You have provided the following information:

Bill Ottley

To Do:

7 – 20 amp dedicated circuits
Upgrade – 120/240 single phase panel from 20 circuits to 40 circuit panel

Plus permit fees, which are yet unknown. The owner will be responsible for.

Surge suppressor for new panel.

Total Job:

$3,500, 50% down for cost of materials up front.

Submitted by:
Brian Johnson

Please read this letter and get back to me to see if there is some way that we can reach an agreement and satisfy these requirements. As promised, I have taken the board’s action under advisement on the following agenda item:

“B. Discussion and potential action on possible solution for electrical problems in the Assessor’s Office”


Currently, Grafton Township has a deficit budget and an obligation to the Road District to pay $300,000 plus rent. Any funds that are not spent in the Office of Assessment budget can be utilized to relieve the deficit and the obligations of the township. It would be prudent to determine if an electrical upgrade is an effective and least cost method to resolve the issues that have caused you to request this work to be done.


For insurance purposes, I am requesting a list of the electronic equipment and software that has been damaged. You gave an informal estimate value of $2,000 at the July Board meeting. No insurance claim has been filed. We may have coverage for this type of loss which would need to be submitted in a timely manner.


The documentation that you provided to me at the August board meeting did not include many important pieces of information. Because the supervisor is the only official who is bonded, I am requesting the following documentation.


1.Certificate of insurance for no less than $1,000,000.00.

2.Certification of workman’s compensation coverage.


3.Proof of contractor’s required registration with Huntley, currently Huntley has 61 electricians that are registered. A copy of the list will be provided to you.

4.Copy of documentation required by Huntley to acquire permit, including a floor plan showing where the additional circuits and electric panel will be located, description of the work to be covered by the permit, and the valuation of the proposed work.

5.Copy of contractor’s receipt for payment of permit fee to Village of Huntley.


6.A letter from contractor agreeing to be in compliance with (60 ILCS 1/85-45)
Sec. 85-45. Pecuniary interest in contracts, stating the total cost of the project will be less than $20,000, agreeing to pay prevailing wage and that all work and moneys received will not violate the Gift Ban Law (cited below).

7.Vendor’s W-9 including business type, sole proprietor, partnership or corporation.

8.Detailed proposal from the contractor on the company’s letterhead including the timeline and the total cost for this project with a business telephone number, fax number, email address, business location and mailing address.

9.Letter from you with the township code citation that allows for a township to pay funds in advance of work or services received.

10.Adopted board minutes showing approval for an Electrical Upgrade Contract.


11.The contractor’s references.

12.Proof of due diligence showing multiple bids from electricians for the same project specifications.

13.A pre-inspection report from the Village of Huntley.

I would be happy to meet with you to address any of your concerns.

Linda Moore, Grafton Township Supervisor

Supplemental Information (See here.)

  • State Law Citations
  • list of registered electricians in the Village of Huntley
  • Village of Huntley Code and Enforcement Requirements


Moore Provides Information about Township Assessor’s Electrical Needs — 13 Comments

  1. Oh – so in other words Linda is doing her job.

    So nice to see a Township Supervisor actually doing her job and not the political hyperbole coming from some.

  2. If performing like a blob blocking the road is “doing her job” I’m glad that you are pleased with Linda’s job performance. Many are not.

    How long has Linda know about the electrical issue in the assessor’s office?

    Why are these repairs taking so long?

    When will the problem be fixed insuring no loss of data?

  3. As you can see from the Grafton Board of Trustees and Fender camp, they cannot make an argument without personal attack.

    People need to read the lawsuit against you all. It is very damning.

    As people get into the facts of this and realize that the board is waiting for Mrs. Moore to have a mis-step so they can cry foul, the more people will realize Fender and the trustees are no better than Harry Reid and the Senate Democrats.

    It is absolutely shameful what has been done here and I encourage everyone to read the lawsuit (which Linda won clearly by the way) where the judge excoriates the board.

    It is one of the best court cases you will ever read. It is entertaining and truly shows where the problem lies.

    Maybe we can get it posted.

  4. How long has Linda know about the electrical issue in the assessor’s office?

    Why are these repairs taking so long?

    When will the problem be fixed insuring no loss of data?

    LLP – Didn’t the original decision get OVERTURNED by the appeals court?

    Why Linda refusing to comply with ALL of Judge Caldwell’s orders?

    All UNANSWERED questions!

  5. LLL, more personal attack, inuendo, and misinformation.

    Have you offered any ideas towards resolving the issues?

  6. Have I?

    Excuse me, I’m not the elected Township Supervisor.

    I’m a Grafton Taxpayer footing the bill for

    Lawsuit Linda’s debacle in office.

    Since you asked, I would determine the scope of the work, then get bids and GET IT DONE!

    All of which Assessor Ottley has done.

    What’s the hold-up? LINDA!

    None of the contractors will do work for the township because they fear they will NEVER get paid because Linda will not sign the checks.

    I’m curious as to why.

    Mismanaged funds?

    An audit would show that.

    Oh yeah, Linda does not like audits because she would then be held accountable and the public could then see what kind of steward Linda is with OUR money.

  7. I noticed the date on the letter to Assessor Ottley is three weeks ago with no response.

  8. LLL, it looks like the trustees are the ones who are not paying the bills, all of the accounts are being closed, check your facts.

  9. LLP and 22 .. 2 peas-in-a-pod. I see you got your hands on Linda’s Kool-Aid. That’s ok, justice will prevail next year. There is noone in their right mind who would vote for Lawsuit Linda again ………

    Oh wait a minute. :/

    BTW – Linda’s ears are awfully red.

    Wonder who rattled her cage in that picture?


  10. Still the yappies continue their illogical blather against Moore.

    They also seem to have a problem with accepting what the judge said.

    And frequently spout more blather about those who took the building case to court.

    Read the transcripts including the judge’s comments about the trustees hiring of Fender.

    Don’t believe what these political badgerers say say, that would mean their reliance on the public to listen to the biggest mouths would continue their one sided picture.

  11. I would remind CaddyCassie that when someone brings a lawsuit… and they win, that is a good thing. Linda has won hers.

    The Board of Trustees has brought a lawsuit… and LOST.

    This entire notion is about to be exposed for what it really is… The Rossi RINOs on Parade through Grafton.

  12. Luvluvpam is Linda.

    She is known for creating fake posts on other sites in support of herself.

    Zorro is her husband, 22 might be also.

  13. I will bring up one thing over and over. Moore took the township records and never said a word till her testimony during her lawsuit. Her not speaking up and stating the truth cost the taxpayers over $26,000.00. She was ordered to put the records back, but refuses to put them back on the server. The appelat court overturned the decision made by Caldwell on appointing Nelson as the attorney, so she did not win everything. My guess is that they will overturn quite a bit in the appeal. None of this has anything to do with the building or Rossi. Get over it people. This has to do with a supervisor who refuses to pay bills when they are approved. Who refuses to follow the procedures installed by the board. (which they are perfectly legal in doing) She refuses to answer questions when asked. She has repeatedly purchased and paid for things with her credit card that were not approved by the board. Need i say more? Wake up and smell the coffee. Get the correct facts.

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