Bank Cuts Off Grafton Township’s Credit Cards for Lack of Payment of Supervisor’s Bill

A press release from Grafton Township Supervisor Linda Moore:

Non-Payment of Township Expenses by Trustees Zirk, LaPorta, Murphy and McMahon Causes Accounts To Be Closed

Grafton Township Trustees have not approved payment the township credit card for the months of May, June, July and September leaving a balance due of $2,644.68.

Notification was sent by a representative of BMO Financial Group today that the all of the township credit and debit cards were closed due to the non-payment on the account.

These elected official positions have had credit cards since 2005.

A local attorney has offered to provide free mediation with the township board, however the trustees have not accepted it.


Bank Cuts Off Grafton Township’s Credit Cards for Lack of Payment of Supervisor’s Bill — 17 Comments

  1. Guess who will be going back to court.

    The judge should jail the trustees.

  2. Oh Dear – The Board of Trustees thought they would be clever and pay all the bills, but Linda’s of course, to make her look bad. This JV stunt has now cost the township additional interest and late fees because the board is too busy PLAYING and now working and doing their job.

    The Board of Trustees are 100% to blame for this mess. When Rossi and company were defeated in 2009 their whole gameplan was to make Linda look bad for 2013.

    The truth will come out.

    Pam Fender has been rightly fired and cannot be hired by the board. Rossi’s lackies on the board will continue to do nothing, just like Harry Reid, until they are ousted in 2013.

    Pam Fender whats to raise taxes and build the Taj. We need to remember this.

  3. These 4 misfits are really making a mess of Grafton Township.

    They have one thing in mind because they did not get their new playpen.

    What good would it have done they are not old enough to be out by themselves.

    This paragraph below is credited to the above poster,100% true.

    The Board of Trustees are 100% to blame for this mess. When Rossi and company were defeated in 2009 their whole gameplan was to make Linda look bad for 2013

    Remember the above posters last line. This will be important next year.

    We do not need to spend $5,000,000 like they wanted.

  4. Funny thing is when all is said and done and they all are out of office, interest, penalties and legal fees may exceed what the new township hall would have cost.

    And the taxpayers will not experience the benefit of Moore and Company’s effort to derail another governmental white elephant.

    And given the petulance of some who post on Cal’s blog, they will say it is all her fault.

  5. Don’t get suckered by Linda’s press releases. There is not much truth in them. Linda is running for re-election and does not have a list of accomplishments made during her term as supervisor because she hasn’t made any.

    I see to remember the trustees asking Linda about unauthorized purchases that she made . . . $1,000 for a “sound system” along with excessive purchases of postage stamps, etc. Previous supervisors rented similar sound systems for a nominal fee when they were needed. Linda NEEDED to get approval before making such purchases. Linda knew about the approval process yet made manic purchases anyway. Before township trustees were called such, they were called township auditors. One of their sworn duties is to diligently watch for and stop wily-nily spending which is what they are doing.

    Linda touts herself as being fiscally responsible. Linda writes about how ALL spending must follow the set guidelines and be approved. You can read it in Linda’s own words in her recent “electrical problem” press release, yet, Linda won’t follow those same guidelines and approval process when it comes to HER spending. WHY IS THAT? As you can see, Linda’s credit card was cancelled because Linda refused to follow the set in place purchasing guidelines. I applaud the trustees for being fiscally conservative and not approving purchases like these. BRAVO!

  6. This was posted on HN after Linda’s Illegal Special Meeting that she called in April, 2012. The same night as the Annual Township Meeting:

    “Since over $800 was paid, by taxpayers, to video tape the meeting= we should expect to see it soon. Linda decided, on her own, to buy a new sound system too- that was also over $800- so far, I have been able to find about $4700 in charges for just the Tuesday night affair- not including the postage on the all important “newsletter”. I would hope all could see that nights going-on, and soon.

    These, and others, is why the Trustees voted to no longer have credit or debit cards.

    Yes, it will cause a hardship- but she has been out of control. She had “max’d out” her regular town fund credit card (a $5000 limit, I believe) before the Annual Meeting- so she use her “GA credit card” – is what we were told at Thursday’s meeting.

    She was told by the Trustees to return the sound system, but she took it to Senior Bingo instead. The Legion already has a mic & speakers. ”

    First Electric Newspaper on 3/9/12

    “Minutes later a conflict between Moore and Assessor Bill Ottley ended similarly except with Ottley leaving for good saying, “Let the minutes show that at 8:27 I’ve had enough.” The argument was over records Moore demanded before she’d issue a final paycheck to former Assistant Assessor Chad Schmidt who’s moved to Cleveland. After 15 minutes of angry assertions about which ones were legally necessary and which had already been provided, Moore suddenly announced she’d already made arrangements to pay Schmidt, anyway.”

    That’s Linda for you.

  7. Fender and Waitzman’s friends, the trustees, spent $500K on the failed effort for a town hall.

    They have spent $350K on lawyers and now budget $200K more on lawyers.

    Fender and Waitzman’s friends lawyers cost 700% more than Moore’s attorney.

    If they are elected, more tax dollars will be spent on a town hall and increased staff.

    Moore saved tax dollars and has taken a beating for it.

    Only, she has the courage to change Grafton.

  8. Sorry Folks, as my press release indicated, I WILL NOT criticize or applaude the actions of either side in the past turmoil.

    I WILL clarify my position for those individuals who don’t understand, or ignore, or corrupt my message.

    1. I see no reason to buy or build a new Township building and would not do so.

    2. If some improvements and upgrades to the present facility are needed, I would make those, over time and as funds become available.

    3. I will continue to be civil and truthful and will not mudsling, finger-point, or manipulate the

    4. I am not “buddies” with Moore, Fender, or Trustees, although I am civil and courteous to them.

    5. I have made NO promises to anybody and don’t owe political favors to anyone.

    6. If elected, my commitment to ALL Grafton Township residents is to do my best to do a good job and avoid waste of tax dollars.

    7. I won’t run for Prom King.

    I hope this helps.


  9. Zorro

    Where has Fender or Waitzman stated they would spend tax dollars on a town hall and increased staff?

  10. WTF, Moore? You are the only one with the checkbook, remember?

    You’ve shown the public you are more than willing to do what you want regardless of what the Trustees vote (example: sending unapproved audit results to the state and calling them “approved and official”).

    Sounds like someone desperate to keep her cushy job.

  11. To Zorro’s Dave: Betty Zirk is running with Pam Fender.

  12. Well, what can I say. First off Zirk is not running with Fender.

    Was it not the supervisor who took the records from the township and sat at the meeting when it was decided that Forensicon needed to come in to find out why the records were gone.

    Only to find out long after the the supervisor was the one who took the records. She alone cost the taxpayers over $26,000.00 all on her own!

    Also, get off the building.

    That was long done.

    The supervisor and her pack are the only ones that keep bringing it up.

    The supervisor filed the law suit.

    She refuses to to her job.

    She only pays the bills she wants to.

    She refuses to compromise or even be civil.

    The contempt that she gives off at meetings when others on the board or even the audience are asking questions or even giving an opinion is just horrible.

  13. When I did the story on Pam Fender’s running for Supervisor, Betty Zirk was listed on her web site a a candidate for Trustee.

  14. LuvluvPam is Linda, Zorro is her husband.

    They are known for creating fake posts on other sites in support of her.

    Sal Skinner is being used as Linda’s sound board.

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