Democrats Lower Their Chances of County Board Victories

As the swim team folks say, “If you’re not in the pool, you can’t win the race.”

McHenry County Democrats are far from filling every lane in the fall County Board races.

And in McHenry County Board District 3, there is now one less Democrat in the race.

Democrat Lori McConville withdrew her candidacy for the McHenry County Board in District 3.

A little over a week ago, Democrat Lori McConville wrote the McHenry County Clerk that she did not want to be on the ballot this fall.

That leaves but one Democrat, incumbent Kathy Bergan Schmidt, running against four Republicans.

Democratic Party primary results in 2012.

2012 Republican Party primary results in District 3, which runs north from Crystal Lake Avenue to southern McHenry.


Democrats Lower Their Chances of County Board Victories — 6 Comments

  1. “Know?” No wonder she withdrew. Or “Know” wonder she withdrew. Idiot.

  2. I “Know” longer want to hear anything about Katherine Schultz!

  3. Correction: Two Democrats in the race: Schmidt and Walkup.

  4. Only two? Keep a close watch on who votes for tax / pay increases.

    Joseph R. does not have much of a voting record but how did he vote while he was on the McHenry County Conservation District Board?

    uno, the group that has its own police force including a police dog and numerous vehicles.

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