Manzullo on Libya and Egypt

A press release from Congressman Don Manzullo:

Manzullo Statement on Attacks in Libya and Egypt

Don Manzullo

[WASHINGTON] – U.S. Rep. Don Manzullo, a senior member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee and member of the Subcommittee on Middle East, issued the following statement in response to the attacks against the United States in Libya and Egypt:

“Yesterday’s brutal murder of four American diplomats, including the United States Ambassador to Libya, and the attack against the United States Embassy in Egypt, are stark reminders that the U.S. remains a significant target throughout the world. We must honor the memory and service of Ambassador Christopher Stevens and his colleagues by making it absolutely clear that our nation will not tolerate violence against our people. Our thoughts and prayers are with their families.

“The United States must not apologize or otherwise seek to appease those who desperately want to do us harm. When America does not speak clearly about its values and intentions, then the rest of the world is left to wonder whether we have the resolve to defend what is valuable to us. America stands on the principles of democracy, freedom, and respect for human rights. There is no excuse, no justification for what happened in Libya and Egypt.”


Manzullo on Libya and Egypt — 7 Comments

  1. NO one apologized. The state department statement occurred in the am before the attacks that came later.

    Maybe Americans should love this country more than Israel.

    The California real estate developer that made this film should be blasted for causing this.

    Let’s have a real investigation and not use internal political attacks before a full unbiased investigation.

  2. How about a real investigation into Fast & Furious.

    Sharon are you now suggesting that we should abandon the First Amendment?

    Israel is a strong ally and we must support them as we have done for 60+ years.

  3. Sharon, catch up on the news. This a well planned attack meant to happen on 9/11. The movie was not the issue.

  4. Investigation??!!

    Foreign nationals stormed American interests and then murdered an American citizen who was a representative of American foreign policy and values.

    The MAN who was the diplomat was also an OFFICE of United States culture and values.

    To attack these interests and murder this man(I believe everyone is in agreement to these statements of fact) is tantamount to attacking US soil and citizenry in downtown Crystal Lake.

    To hesitate to defend our soil and way of life in any way is interpreted as weakness the world over.

    I am deeply thankful we have the opportunity for a peace so pervasive domestically people here in the US don’t even feel the effects of such an attack but rest assured should we fail to hold the groups and governments who allowed these attacks to happen responsible we will continue to endanger the lives of our friends and neighbors here at home.

    This is merely a small expression of what so many who have served internationally know to be true.

    There is a great threat to the American way of life and culture because we are seen as too soft to even defend ourselves.

    The reason for this perception is due, in great part, to the complete disconnect of one player in American politics to recognize the importance of his OFFICE.

    It is also due to the ignorance and apathy of the American citizen toward their own participation in this Republic.

    I pray we stop seeing these murders and attacks.

    I pray we can turn our nation, once again, from being seen as a sheep to slaughter to the lion not to be trifled with….


    God bless those marines being sent into harms way to protect physically that which one man lacks the knowledge or courage to protect verbally.

    By extension…. When we lack the fortitude to stand with our friends in even the smallest way then NO ONE trusts us or respects us.

    First they came for my neighbor because he was a minority but I hid…

    Then they came for my friend because she had the wrong color hair but I hid….

    Then they came for me and there was no one left to defend me.


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