Tribune Notices Medicare Penalties for Hospitals with High Readmission Rates

Almost twenty days ago, McHenry County Blog reported on Medicare penalties being levied by the Federal government on local hospitals.

While the article focused on hospitals serving local patients, a Chicago Tribune article Thursday reported on hospitals statewide.

Being early in the alphabet helps businesses in the phone book, but is not necessarily an advantage in a list of hospitals being penalized.

Those Illinois hospitals getting the biggest penalty for high readmission rates within a month for Medicare patients are show in the graphic above.  Click to enlarge.

Hospitals McHenry County patients use most are listed below

  • Centegra Health System – Woodstock Hospital, Woodstock 1.00%
  • Centegra Health System – McHenry Hospital, McHenry 1.00%
  • Swedish American Hospital, Rockford 0.64%
  • Sherman Hospital, Elgin 0.61%
  • Advocate Good Shepherd Hospital, Barrington 0.48%
  • Provena – Saint Joseph Hospital, Elgin, 0.27%
  • Rockford Memorial Hospital, Rockford 0.26%
  • Saint Anthony Medical Center, Rockford 0.04%


Tribune Notices Medicare Penalties for Hospitals with High Readmission Rates — 4 Comments

  1. Yea… last time you posted something, I asked a question that you never responded to.

    What is the problem with this policy…other than it is part of “Obamacare?”

    This is good policy that holds hospitals accountable.

    Please tell me what the policy problems are here.

  2. I agree with Dave.

    Readmissions cost more medicare money so if McHenry County citizens believe in saving taxpayers money they should be happy with this story.

  3. **crickets**

    Again… this is the second post on this issue. The first one was pretty negative, this one is at least more neutral.

    So do you have a problem with this policy, and why?

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