Dee Beaubien (Ind.-Madigan) Pushes Windmills in Another Democratic Party Mailing

After looking at the mailing that arrived today for Dee Beaubien (Ind.-Madigan) from the Democratic Party of Illinois, I continue to wonder if the Barrington Hills resident is suggesting that windmills should be allowed in her hometown.

This address side of Mike Madigan’s latest mailing on Dee Beaubien’s behalf has Dee Beaubien proclaiming her independence.

Dee Beaubien’s latest mailing financed by Illinois Democrats suggests windmills should be erected.

And, if the windmills should not be put in the open spaces of Barrington Hills, then would they be better located in Lake Killarney subdivision?


Dee Beaubien (Ind.-Madigan) Pushes Windmills in Another Democratic Party Mailing — 18 Comments

  1. Wow, and here I thought Beaubien was using a Don Quixote theme to attack McSweeney on some of his more conservative stands on issues, calling them Quixotic or something like that.

    Maybe they’ll use a Man of La Mancha theme & show McSweeney attacking a green windmill.

    Knowing the Democrats & the Republican traitors helping Beaubien, they’ll make Andrew Gasser as Sancho Panza in that Don Quixote piece.

    Is it just me, or did Beaubien’s plastic surgeon paste that smile on the 70 year old candidate.

    Every image of Beaubien has that same smile on her.

    Just wondering aloud here.

  2. Interesting question about windmills in Barrington Hills; wasn’t it the evironmentally out-front Kennedys who rejected the idea of wind farms near their Hyannis Port estates?

    is Beaubien a NIMBY on this issue?

    please ask her.

  3. Anon- you are absolutely right about the Kennedy’s and the windmill.

  4. I generally find this blog to be a good source of opinions about local politics.

    But between the apparent inside jokes that aren’t easily understood by us outsiders (windmills in Barrington Hills I get, but Lake Killarney?

    What the heck does that mean?) and the extremely rude personal attacks such as the one above, it gets to be a bore.

  5. Where will Dee’s windmills be put?

    Certainly not in her prospective district, right?

    Lake Killarney is in her district.

    And can you find any connection to the state legislature in this mailing?

  6. We all know where she can put her windmills, don’t we?

  7. Good coverage Cal, Dee is mailing out dumber & dumber mailings.

    Actually, they are an insult.

    Her comments need to be ridiculed.

    This woman is one DUMB DODO

  8. All we’re missing is a nasty nickname for Cal to stick on Ms Beaubien.

  9. Joe: Cal’s nicknames aren’t always mean-spritied.

    But hey, I’ll bite.

    How about “Mikey’s Lap Dog”?

  10. @Emmy, by chance are you referring to the observation of the work Dee Beaubien has clearly had done by a plastic surgeon as an attack?

    Too bad a nerve may have been struck but I stand by the observation.

    The problem with Beaubien isn’t the fact she’s had work done nor trying to do the unthinkable and start an elective public office career in her 70s.

    Her biggest fraud is trying to run around & have mailings representing herself as an “independent” when she is clearly being bankrolled by the Democratic Party of Illinois.

    That act makes her an insincere charlatan trying to hoodwink the voters of the 52nd.

    And that truth sticks a lot better then anything her plastic surgeon could do.

  11. @Oncoming Storm – yes that is a personal attack on her, and it has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with her campaign so why in the world would you say it?

    Do you comment about Mr McSweeney’s physical characteristics too?

  12. @Emmy, yep, I’ve been critical about McSweeney’s use of outdated and airbrushed pics of himself too.

    And nothing personal, just being honest.

  13. I guess I’ve forgotten Cal’s Non-mean-spirited nicknames.

    Could you remi nd me of some of them?

    Personally it seems to me people resort to name-calling when they have nothing of substance to use.

  14. People resort to name calling when an individual lies and misrepresent themselves.

    This goes for Dee Beaubien.

  15. Oh, “Joe”….you’re such a man of principle.

    BS….you phony.

    Why don’t YOU stick to the issues!

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