Tribune Jihadist Car Bomber Coverage Failure: “Large Suburban Mall” One Target – “Look how scared they would be.”

It’s a good thing I subscribe to both the Chicago Sun-Times and the Tribune.

Take a look at the front page of the Sun-Times:

The Chicago Sun-Times “gets it.” Its headline was “Downtown ‘Jihad’ Plot.” Above was “Feds arrest suburban teen.”  Beneath was “18-year-old allegedly tried to detonate what he thought was a car bomb in front of Chicago bar.”

Now, if I had only subscribed to the Tribune, here’s all I would have seen on the front page:

Just one word appears on the front page of the Sunday Chicago Tribune indicating that an Islamist terrorist tried to blow up a bar on an unnamed Chicago street. Just your average Chicagoland teenager for all one can tell from this little article.

The Sun-Times also devotes pages 2 & 3 to the jihadist plot.

“I want to get the most evil place,” the teenage jihadist told the undercover agent.

The Sun-Times put four reporters on the story, Natasha Kore4cki (who graduated from Jacobs High School in Algonquin), Lisa Donovan, Michael Sneed and Matt Hanley.

The would-be jihadist lived with his family in a typical suburban home in Hillside.

Clearly, some editor thought this was an important story.

Interviews with family members of Adel Daoud resulted in expressions of disbelief.

But consider this statement by the teen contained in the affidavit o FBI Special Agent Barbara J. Harner:

“[T]hey have to know it’s a terrorist attack.

“Because if the people just say oh, how like, like the thing that just happened, the, the, the Joker thing okay . . . [The FBI Agent suggested this was a reference to the mass murders at the Aurora movie theater playing the latest Batman movie.]

Oh, the person was crazy.

“Oh, that’s so sad . . .

“That’s it, okay, they forget about it after a week . . .

“You know what I mean?

“And, and if he could get away that’s good.

“Because they’ll think oh, terrorism . . . it’ll be like frantic.”

No where in any headline above the Tribune’s story on page 4 is there an indication that an Islamist-motivated jihadist was involved.

“FBI: Car bomb plan foiled” was the main headline. “Teen targeted bar, but fake device was used in sting, officials say.” Not one word about the Muslim jihadist angle.

While the eventual target was in Chicago, a two-hour meeting took place in Villa Park on July 17, 2012, and again on August 6th, this time at Prairie Path Park.

The FBI Agent’s affidavit said Daoud gave him a list of”approximately twenty-nine potential targets and/or addresses, which Daoud provided to the UCE. The targets included military recruiting centers, bars, malls, and other tourist attractions in and around the Chicago area.”

His intention was to cause Americans to become afraid in ordinary places.

He talked about ordinary folks like this:

“[Y]ou can’t really take these people as regular people.

“They’re like, more like robots.”

How I wish the guy from Skokie who wrote “The Chicago Journalism Review” was still around. The Chicago Tribune’s coverage of this story surely demonstrates that a watchdog is needed.


Tribune Jihadist Car Bomber Coverage Failure: “Large Suburban Mall” One Target – “Look how scared they would be.” — 3 Comments

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