Linda Moore Invites Food Pantry to Return

A press release from Grafton Township Supervisor Linda Moore:

Grafton Food Pantry Invited to “Come Back Home”

After reading that the Grafton Food Pantry has lost its facilities, Supervisor Linda Moore is inviting the pantry to come back home.

Shortly after the 2009 election, former Supervisor John Rossi with the assistance of Pam Fender and others, without authorization, removed this original pantry from the township offices and relocated it, cutting ties with the township altogether.

Area businesses have offered to store food nearby at no charge, to accommodate the growing use of the Grafton Township Pantry.

The original pantry has been in the township office since 1989 when former Supervisor Vernon Brunschon started it to help those who were in financial difficulties.

All townships are required, by law, to provide a general assistance program for their indigent. Grafton Township also offers emergency assistance once a year, to help residents in life threatening situations such as no electricity or impending eviction.

Applications for assistance are available at and can be submitted anytime 8am to 4pm at the Grafton Township office, 10109 Vine Street, Huntley IL. Call 1-847-669-3328 if you have questions. Supervisor Moore’s number is 1-847-630-6325


Linda Moore Invites Food Pantry to Return — 7 Comments

  1. Too little, too late Linda.

    NOPE, Not Buying it, not even for a second.

    You’re GONE come election time, hope you know that! FAIL!!!!

  2. Wow! Did Linda end her VENDETTA with the food pantry?

    At this point, WHAT’S THE POINT??? Space at Grafton is at a premium and will not come close to the square footage that the pantry needs. Too bad Linda wastes time writing pre-election press releases.

    If Linda was interested in helping the food pantry Linda could have called the director of the pantry and inquired about their needs.

    Linda could then use her vast array of community contacts to find a location.

  3. What is fail is Pam n Company moving the pantry in the first place.

    As people realize it was a hack job to move the pantry in the first place they will see Linda is simply doing what she is supposed to do…


    …and when people do not want to follow leadership you just hold them accountable, right Pam?

  4. Linda LEAD???

    The following is from appeared was posted on HN in April, 2009.
    Linda did not take office until May, 2009.

    “There were a couple of disturbing (to me) items placed on the agenda of the Grafton Township Annual Meeting.

    Item K. “Should Grafton Township provide space in any future town hall to be constructed on Haligus Road in LITH, IL, for purposes OTHER than the administration of township business?”


    Item L. “Should Grafton Township enter into any leases for leasing of space in any of its facilities TO THIRD PARTIES?”

    Both of these items pertain to the Food Pantry and were placed on the agenda by newly elected Township Supervisor Linda Moore. Moore has written “I fully support having a food pantry.” Moore goes on to write “Multiple locations have been found at a resonable cost to house the pantry IF THERE IS A NEED FOR IT.” These comments were written by Moore in response to a letter from a concerned food pantry volunteer and was published in the Northwest Herald. Moore does not explain in public her reason for ditching the food pantry or, as township supervisor, what her agenda/vision is. Moore goes on to write “Please contact me to discuss this situation” and “Please contact me if you would like to be part of finding a solution, I will collect your contact information and we will work together to find a solution.”

    INTERESTING! First you have a “problem”, then you come up with a “solution”. That “problem” is Moore kicking out the food pantry. Moore asks others for a solution.

    Here is the published letter from the concerned food pantry volunteer…ko9a/index.xml

    The writer of the letter also contacted Bongo

  5. Oy vey!

    Did she really wait three years after booting the pantry to ask them back?

    Funny how that comes just in time for the opening of Election Season.

    I hated to think the “rebranding” chatter was real, but now I’m convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt that there’s fire under that smoke.

    I hope other skeptics take notice as well.

  6. TOO LATE, You’re Gone.

    Next Supervisor Please?

    Bye Linda!!!…err, I mean LuvLuvPam!!!!

  7. There is no room at the township for pantry. Moore forced the pantry out to begin with.

    Why would they want to go back.

    She did not treat people very well when it was there.

    She disrupted everything.

    This is strictly a political move on her part to make people think that she wants to work with others and get along.


    she does not fool anyone.

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