Good Crowd at Donna Kurtz’ Fund Raiser

Some of those attending Donna Kurtz Field of Dreams fund raiser at the Crystal Lake Park District’s Park Place.

McHenry County Board member Donna Kurtz, seeking re-election for the first time after running first in her initial attempt in 2010, held a fund raiser Wednesday at Park Place, the old American Legion Home in Crystal Lake.
Some people got into the baseball theme.

There were little Cubs and Sox flags on each table, but two men wore their favorite team’s uniforms. Posing are McHenry County Deputy Sheriff Zane Seipler in the Sox uniform and Grafton Township Road Commissioner candidate Tom Poznanski in the Cubs suit.

Early in the event, which started at 5:30, State Rep. and McHenry County Republican Party Chairman stopped by and dropped off a check, Kurtz said while introducing elected officials and candidates in attendance.

Mike Tryon was talking to Chief Deputy Treasurer Glenda Miller when I snapped this photo.

McHenry County Sheriff Keith Nygren and his allies seemed to gather in one main floor room, while Lou Bianchi and his friends were in the other.

A Northwest Herald photographer gets a shot of Glenda Miller talking to Sheriff Keith Nygren.

Nygren’s choice to succeed himself in 2014, Andy Zinke, was nowhere to be seen, but both opponents Bill Prim and Jim Harrison were meeting and greeting folks.

In the foreground are McHenry County Sheriff’s candidate Jim Harrison and his wife Colleen. Politicians at the table behind with Sheriff Keith Nygren are Grafton Township Supervisor candidate Marty Waitzman, Nunda Township GOP Chairman and McHenry County Republican Party Vice Chairman Mark Daniel, Grafton Township Road Commissioner candidate Tom Poznanski.  At the table in the back are County Board member Ersel Schuster and Lake in the Hills Village Trustee Russ Ruzanski.

There was some cross-pollination with Zane and Rose Seipler and Eileen Marhoefer sitting in a corner booth within site of the Nygren table.

Can you pick out the factions of the McHenry County Republican Party?

Dr. Anne Majewski chatted with McHenry County Sheriff’s candidate Bill Prim before the speeches began.

Unopposed Republican candidate for Coroner Dr. Anne Majewski chats with Bill Prim, the man she may be working with if he wins the three-way Sheriff’s race against Undersheriff Andy Zinke and Jim Harrison in 2014.

In introducing the event’s keynote speaker, McHenry County State’s Attorney Lou Bianchi, Kurtz told of Bianchi’s going “with his gut as to what was right to change the way things are done.

“When he did that, down upon him came a brick wall,” she continued, referring to the two indictments by Special Prosecutors that were so weak that Bianchi’s attorney did not even have to put on any evidence before the Judge found him not guilty.

McHenry County State’s Attorney Lou Bianchi heaped praise on County Board member Donna Kurtz.

“But he stuck to his dreams,” Kurtz concluded as Bianchi climbed the stairs to a roomful of applause.

Bianchi pointed out that “Donna is our client” as a member of the McHenry County Board, as are all elected officials.

“Our lawyers enjoy working with her,” he continued.

“She does a fine job representing her constituents [and is] one of the hardest working members on the board.”

Bianchi said Kurtz tries to understand all the issues before voting on resolution.

And she “speaks her mind.”

Kurtz was also praised for asking questions that need to be asked.

She was characterized as “an independent thinker.”

Kurtz then took the microphone.

Donna Kurtz greeted newly-appointed Algonquin Township Trustee Russ Cardelli. He was the only vote not to raise salaries of the officials who will be elected next spring. In her remarks, Kurtz gave Cardelli a shout out for doing the right thing.

She praised Cardelli for his “courage” in voting against the Algonquin Township officials pay raise.

Bill and Jane Franz chat with Donna Kurtz.

She praise Jane and Bill Franz for giving of themselves to Crystal Lake for over 40 years.

Donna Kurtz

She praised Pat Owens and The Advantage Group, often known by its acronym TAG.  They have done substance abuse for twenty-five year Kurtz pointed out.

“Over 1,000 people treated each year…25,000 lives changed for the better,” the County Board member explained.

Speaking of her public service, Kurtz said that you “have to have in our heart goodness and honesty.

“Everything I do has to be about you.

“It can’t be about me.

“Pursue our dreams and they will come true,” she concluded to rousing applause.


Good Crowd at Donna Kurtz’ Fund Raiser — 14 Comments

  1. I like Donna.

    Probably even vote for Donna.

    But I thought the line Cal quoted where she praised Bianchi for going with his gut to change the way things are done is curious.

    Her support of Dee Beubien is concerning.

    Dee Beubien is apparently getting more support from Mike Madigan than anywhere else.

    So maybe that support of people to change the way things are done goes only so far.

  2. Not so sure about Donna’s support of Dee.

    Sometimes things change.

  3. If we support more people like Donna Kurtz, there’s hope for McHenry County.

    The Dee Beaubien thing is likely something any one of us might do for someone from a past friendship, and not meant to take away support for the Republican candidate.

    It is my “gut” feeling that there are decisions we all make, with good intention, that we may regret later.

    I appreciate those who are outspoken and willing to put their name on the line, which includes Mr. Greenlee.

    Let’s move on.

  4. This is what’s wrong with the McHenry County Republican Party.

    All these people come out to support a liberal fake Republican who supports Beaubien instead of McSweeny.

    Tryon removed her from her appointed position of Precinct Committeeman over that, but now he’s here supporting her? Ridiculous.

    It’s long past time to clean house in the Party leadership.

  5. Why was Nygren there?

    Is he a friend of Kurtz?

    How can the walrus show up at an event knowing that Lou Bianchi is the guest speaker?

    Nygren was part of trying to bring down Lou.

    The audacity.

    Where was his stooge Andy?

    I guess Nygren doesn’t mind Cal taking his picture as much as Andy and Kim do.

    Dr. Anna Majewski (MD) was present, she’s a class act.

    I hear she’ll have an opponent in 2016.

    Deputy Sheriff Kimberly Zinke (Former McHenry County Deputy and proud wife of Nygren’s protege) thinks she has the experience and expertise to be the Coroner of McHenry County.

    Run with that Mr. Bachmann.

    If I go any further Cal will erase my posts.

    Hey Cal, Mrs. Harrison’s name is Carolyn not Colleen.

    Colleen is Zinke’s sister-in-law. No wait, that’s Kaitlyn (Furst…look her up…may see her at future Zinke events…she works the poles…kinda like Rasmussen and Gallup).

    Who’s Colleen?

    Bill Prim and Jim Harrison were in the room I see.

    Andy let his Daddy cover for him?

    Afraid to play ball with the big boys so he stays home and lets Daddy scope out the competition.

    Seipler is a Sox fan?

    I still like him even though he is from the wrong side of town.

    When is he going to come out of the closet and give us a candidate with undeniable BALLS?

    I respect Prim and Harrison but I want a Sheriff that I know for a fact will clean up the Nygren mess.

    Come on Zane, give me hope.

  6. Donna truly is a woman who “speaks her mind” and supports the needs of the community.

    Her closing comments that it is “not about her” is demonstrated over and over again and which makes her a person worthy of the title, ” public servant”.

    TAG is so honored to have our efforts serving the kids of our community recognized by such a person of integrity and tireless commitment to the community.

  7. If Madigan does not need Dee Beaubien’s vote, my guess is that she will vote for Cross.

  8. Wow- so you ADMIT you are attacking Beaubien for something she may, might possibly (maybe not) do down the road?

  9. Keith its over no need to work the room, Andy the clown is finished, the empire is falling fast.

    Man its about time.

    rumor has it o boy Keith was not to happy to see some real law men in the room.


  10. Joe: Are you talking about Cal’s remark or mine: Cal’s comment did not sound like an attack.

    It was a comment about politics.

    I stand by my comments, that other than maybe herself, Dee’s biggest contributor is Madigan.

    Thin skin or the comments too close to home?

  11. Cal has repeatedly attacked Beaubien for voting for Madigan- now he cutely refers to her as “Independent- Madigan.”

    And then in this post he casually tosses off he doesn’t expect she’ll vote for him.

    THAT was what I was commenting on.

  12. Joe:

    I read Cal’s comment as being: If elected and her vote is needed by Madigan, then Dee will vote for Madigan as speaker.

    If Madigan has a majority without Dee’s vote, she wll caucus with the GOP (Democrat Jr. Party).

    It allows Dee political coverage of being more reflective of her district than she really is.

    I liked Cal’s reference.

    For years, Trib columnist John Kass, a personal favorite, refers to politicians by the D or R and then instead of district or city, he places a name as to whom really pulls their strings.

    Common political discourse with no venom, I don’t think.

    For example, Kass often refers to state senator Jimmy DeLeo as “D – How you doin'”, referencing alleged mob ties that DeLeo has.

    Cal is correct, but Kass is the best at it.

  13. My thanks to everyone who supported our event this week.

    There was a wonderful air of positive energy and goodwill throughout the evening.

    Cal noted that there were many people who represent different perspectives that attended, yet all were cordial and convivial with each other–and there was a lot of circulation and interaction between all.

    To me it is the ‘big tent’ concept, established by President Reagan, was certainly in play and for me it just doesn’t get any better than that!

    In closing, thank you Mr. Skinner for attending and once again showcasing some of the amazing people in our community like Bill and Jane Franz and The Advantage Group, along with Pat Owen, who have make tremendous contributions that have benefited our community.

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