Joe Walsh – Abandoned No More

Kerry Lester, in a post on the Daily Herald Blog, is reporting that the National Republican Campaign Committee has bought “$457,785 reservation on cable stations running from Oct. 5 through Election Day.”

Only yesterday, Capitol Fax Blog was relaying information from The Hill regarding “the NRCC is not doing much of anything for Walsh

This Public Policy Polling September 18-20 survey of the 8th Congressional District race between incumbent Joe Walsh and challenger Tammy Duckworth shows the Democrat ahead of Walsh 52% ti 38% with 10% undecided.

Publisher Rich Miller combined that report with a video of Walsh and a poll by the liberal Daily Kos showing Democrat Tammy Duckworth leading 52%-38% with 10% undecided.


It seems the National Republican Campaign Committee does not think the Daily Kos poll is worth much.


Joe Walsh – Abandoned No More — 12 Comments

  1. Joe Walsh, She is backed by obama.

    In my book that automatically eliminates her.

    We want our country back!

  2. The liberal polls were wrong in 2010 and they will be wrong again, Walsh will win by more than the 291 votes he won by last time when he had no name recognition and no political record.

    Veteran’s are supporting Walsh very strongly which is a strong indicator of his political persuasion.

  3. It’s weird, a couple days ago this place was going nuts railing against Tammy Duckworth because she was looking for out of state donors and now here,. when “Joe” Walsh gets a huge national donation you are all bouncing up and down how great it is.

    Republican, thy name is Hypocrite!

  4. As a veteran, I know most veterans vote against their own best interests.

    In this case, LtCol Duckworth will pull the veteran vote.

    Walsh lacks core values and is bathed in his own foreclosures, suspended driver’s license and neglect of his children financially.

    He introduced one bill and was part of the most unproductive Congress since WWII.

    Those in the new 8th will not repeat the mistake of the old 8th.

  5. Democrats use the blog commenting areas as part of their strategy.

    Spreading your lies LCTruthless still won’t make them true.

  6. To say that Tammy is not respected among Veterans is just plain wrong.

    Yes, Some veterans are working for Congressman Walsh- and several are working for Tammy as well.

    I would bet that Congressman Walsh has few veterans of the current conflict among his supporters.

    To Say all Veterans are supporting Congressman Walsh is just plain inaccurate.

    The three veterans in my household are for opposed to Congressman Walsh.

  7. I’ve run press releases from Walsh telling of two bills he passed.

  8. I would humbly submit that LTCTruth, whom ever you may be, have never met with Joe or listened to him speak. He does have core values:

    Fiscal Responsibility
    Limited Government
    Free Markets

    He preaches them better than anyone in congress… period. I qualify this statement as someone who as worked in Washington DC and worked with over 70 different congressional offices and over 30 senatorial offices.

    No one is better. Period.

    It seems to me liberals are hell bent on talking about Joe’s dismissed child support issue. They would rather fight in the court of public opinion than in the court of law. Joe is fantastic father and despite what some anonymous users say here, I have seen Joe with his kids. I see how they look at him.

    There is no or never was any neglect – only leftist talking points.

    Andrew Gasser

  9. As a retired veteran I think it is just laughable to say that Ms Duckworth will pull the veteran vote. I do not run around telling people about all of my military successes. I do not wear it on my sleeve. I do not use my service to divide Americans. I simply say I am a retired Air Force officer and move on.

    All veterans realize, both on the left and the right, realize Ms Duckworth is breaking an unwritten rule about utilizing public service for personal gain. It is fine for a politician to mention their service, but to utilizes her unfortunate combat injuries the way she has wrong.

    This does not mean some vets will not support Tammy, they will, especially if they are socially liberal. All I am saying is that the way she has “marketed herself” is wrong… and most veterans realize this and frankly, are angered by it.

    The debates have been quite clear. Joe has unequivocally won both of them. Even the drive by media has come to admit as such. The more comparing and contrasting that is done, the better.

    I’m for Joe… just drive by my house in Fox River Grove and you will know it. (I realize he is out of my district).

    Andrew Gasser

  10. Andrew…those are not core values….if you believe they are, no wonder the Tea Party is in disarray.

    More vets do support the veteran.

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