Title X Topic of County Board Candidates’ Nights

Who would have thought that a flash point from 1997-98 would have surfaced in McHenry County Board races in 2012?

But the McHenry County League of Women Voters managed to pull it off.

A North Jr. High School teacher named William Saturday gained undue influence over one of his female students.

After she entered high school, Saturday started having sexual relations with the girl.

When he was too cheap to buy condoms, wanted to have intercourse without a condom or for some other reason, he drove the teen up to the McHenry County Health Department on a Saturday.  There she got a Depo-Provera shot to provide birth control for three months.

At some point Saturday got engaged to be married.

That did not sit well with the high schooler, who got connected with the Crystal Lake Police.

Recordings of phone conversations were made, which resulted in a felony conviction.

And, an uproar from the public when parents learned that their minor children could get birth control medication and condoms without their permission.

The battle which ensured pitted Pro-Lifers against Pro-Choicers.

Considering the League approved all of the questions asked at the County Board forums on Wednesday and Thursday and a question about Title X’s return was asked both nights, I have to assume that its predecessor organizations (before being merged) were on the losing side of the County Board fight to stop taking Title X money from the Federal government.

The resolution of the fight in the 1990’s was one worthy of Solomon, in my opinion.

The Board dumped the Federal program because the bureaucrats who wrote the rules in the early 1970’s included a provision that there could be no discrimination on the basis of age.

That meant services from any money accepted had to be offered to girls and boys, no matter how young.

So the County Board kicked out Title X…

But (and here’s Solomon part) substituted county money to provide the services covered by Title X with the exception of contraceptive services to minors…unless a youngster had parental permission.

McHenry County, by the way, is the only county in the country that has deep-sixed Title X.

Here’s a side view of most of the McHenry County Board candidates from Districts 4, 5 and 6 who spoke at the McHenry County College candidate’s night.

When I’m not so tired, I’ll get into the answers to the question by the candidates who attended the two candidates’ nights.

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