Hanky Panky on the Campaign Trail

This is the time of year when candidates, well, mainly candidates’ supporters, knock down opponents’ signs, replace them with then own, if they aren’t very bright, or just put their candidates’ sign in front of the opponents, if they are more astute.

Dennis Anderson yard signs on the Route 14 Right-of-Way in Crystal Lake.

Candidates without supporters in an area, put their signs on the public right-of-way, not remotely legal.

Just talked to a Republican candidate for County Board in District 5 who said his volunteers were campaigning in Lake in the Hills, leaving literature at front doors, when one saw a girl get out of a car, go up to a house and take the literature.

When confronted, the girl said, “Oh, I thought that was out literature.”


Why would someone remove their own candidates’ literature?

In this day of phones that take pictures, that’s a really strange thing to do.

Not to mention politically dangerous.

This could end up being a developing story.


Hanky Panky on the Campaign Trail — 3 Comments

  1. Let Anderson put up all the signs he wants, Hultgren will make chopped liver out of him, so if the Dems want to spend here, that’s good.

  2. I find it very amusing that you use Dennis Anderson signs, of all things, to prove a point about politicians with no support putting signs in public right-of-ways.

    When I moved out to Crystal Lake (from Chicago), I was amazed at all of the political signs — 90+% of which were Republican signs — in public right-of-ways. It is very clearly the thing to do in McHenry County, regardless of whether or not it is illegal.

  3. You must have moved here since 1992.

    It started with Don Manzullo’s campaign.

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