More Democratic Party Money for Dee Beaubien, Plus $35,600 from the Candidate, Plus Staffer from Windmill Lobby

Take a look at the latest contributors to Dee Beaubien (Ind.-Madigan) and you will see $2,669.26  for postage for another mailing paid for the Democratic Party of Illinois.

My tally has $46,528.16 from Mike Madigan-contolled Political Action Committees, but, from something Republican opponent Dave McSweeney sent out, my total may be too little.

The biggest contribution reported for Dee Beaubien was from herself. The new $36,500 is on top of $50,000 put in earlier.

Additional large contributions reported follow:

  • $5,000 – Fred Eychaner, Owner of Newsweb
  • $1,200 – Clean Energy Illinois to pay for staffer Nichole Fredricks

Two weeks ago, the Democrats sent out a post card promoting windmills.

You can see the best side below:

The mid-September mailing promoting windmills financed by the Illinois Democratic Party.

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