The Cary Park District Considers Buying Another Golf Course

Foxford Hills Golf Club is owned by the Cary Park District.

This message came from a Cary Park District taxpayer. I think it is worth sharing.

You may wish to look into the Cary Area Park District considering the purchase of Chalet Hills Golf Course.

“At the meeting last week there were no reporters present.

“Two distinct factions were present, those who live in Chalet Hills and feel the park district purchasing the course is a great idea, and others who feel the purchase should be out of the question.

“It appeared clear that the board members have already made up their minds, heck, they appeared to all be golfers!

“Anyway, it appears this matter is about to heat up.”

The Park District already owns Foxford Hills Golf Club.

McHenry County Tea Party coordinator Laurie Jenner adds,

Chalet Hills Golf Course sign.

“Chalet Hills Golf Course and Club have been in foreclosure for years. If the price was right, would not a private entity invest in the purchase of it?”It’s obviously not making money, or it would have been sold.

“So, the Cary Park District thinks it’s a good idea to purchase it.

Foxford Hills Golf Course sign.

“They already own the poorly performing Foxford Hills.

“The same management company currently operates both golf courses.

“A friend that lives on Chalet Hills golf course said the property taxes on the golf course are what killed it for the foreclosed owners.

“So, should those tax dollars really come off the rolls?

“No way!

“If Foxford Hills was profitable, money should come back as a savings to taxpayers.

“Instead Cary Park District asked for the maximum increase this past year.

“And, of course, there are no property tax dollars coming in from the golf course.

“A town the size of Cary has no business owning one course, but now they think they should own two?

“The distance between Foxford Hills and Chalet Hills can’t be much more than a mile.

Hoffman Park sign.

“Cary Park District owns way too much land as it is.

“The Hoffman property should have never been purchased.

“That purchase was for the sole purpose of keeping gravel mining out of ‘our back yard’.

“But, enough voters said yes to that referendum years ago.

“Again, another huge parcel off the tax rolls.”

The next meeting is Thursday, October 25th, at 7 PM.


The Cary Park District Considers Buying Another Golf Course — 3 Comments

  1. In today’s NW Herald, there is a letter from Philip Lambruschi, titled “Who’s Listening?”.

    Everyone should read.

    Phil was a Lakewood Trustee when they bought the golf course in Lakewood!

    Look who is talking, maybe Cary should talk to him.

    Now he doesn’t like taxes?

  2. OMG, now the CL park district will want to get into the act.

    I can think of nothing worse than government spending our money on such frivolity.

    We are fools for allowing these righteous politicians to go berserk!

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