McSweeney Gets Hit Three Times on Abortion, Advantage Beaubien

It wasn’t a one-two punch.

It was a one-two-three punch.

There were two mailings.

One was from the Democratic Party of Illinois.

This abortion piece uses the code phrase “women’s health.”

“To extremist David McSweeney Women’s Health is just another political game.”

Again “women’s health” is used as a code word for abortion.

[I’m sure that Dave McSweeney considers his wife’s breast cancer as his most important “women’s health” care issue this year.]

On the address side is the word “None.”

The next attack was from the pro-abortion Personal PAC.

On the back of the piece as delivered, are the words “No exceptions.”

It looks identical to the hit piece that was successfully used against 2010 GOP gubernatorial candidate Bill Brady.

On the left hand side of the inside foldout are the words “No exceptions…”

It was sent to the woman of the house and is so long that I cannot get an image of how it looks when unfolded.

“Not for incest” is the first hit on David McSweeney.

So, let’s try to piece it together.

After unfolding it again, one sees the word “period” on the left after the words, “No exceptions.”

On the right after opening it one more time are the words “Not for rape.”

“Not for rape” is on this panel.

Open up the third fold and the tail is pinning on Republican Dave McSweeney’s back.

David McSweeney’s photo shows up after opening up the last panel, along with the beginning of a sentence that is too long to put on my scanner: “David McSweeney supports an Illinois law to make abortion illegal.”

The final panel shows a young women in deep thought.

A young woman deep in thought is on the last panel of the Personal PAC hit piece.

Under the photo is the following: “The more you know, the less there is to like…Vote No on David McSweeney.”

But that’s not all, folks.

The Dee Beaubien abortion ad attacking David McSweeney starts with a photo of a young woman with the following question below: “Should a woman have the right to make her own decisions?”

On the Six O’clock WLS-TV News, there was an ad paid for by Dee Beaubien’s campaign committee.

The next slide says, “Politician David McSweeney doesn’t think so.”

That pretty much explains why Beaubien put in $50,000 of her own money into her Political Action Committee and Mike Madigan matched it.

Then there is a slide which has a photo of David McSweeney with what he told Illinois Review on June 6, 2005.  It starts with the following: “Someone could just say they were raped or a victim of incest.  The next slide has a second sentence:  “That creates too broad of an exception.”  There are three more slides, each emphasizes one of the words you see in yellow above until they are all three highlighted.

This ad ran pretty much in the middle of the ABC local news.

The next screen uses the label that Dee Beaubien is trying to pin on Dave McSweeney: “David McSweeney is too extreme.”

The final screen shows that the ad is paid for by Citizens for Dee Beaubien.

The text on the final screen of Dee Beaubien’s ad reads, “David McSweeney, He wants you to trust him, But he doesn’t trust you.”

Meanwhile, McSweeney sent out the following mailing, which stresses his business background on the address side.

This is the address side of David McSweeney’s “I’m a businessman” piece.

When one turns it over, one sees that he is taking on Springfield as well.

“They must be held accountable,” Dave McSweeney’s mailing says.

Inside, the businessman theme is echoed and three types of “accountability” are emphasized.

Inside the latest David McSweeney piece tells of his wanting to roll back the 67% income tax hike, eliminate legislative pensions, cut legislative salaries and budgets and fighting for “real property tax relief.”

For today, it is obviously Advantage Beaubien.


McSweeney Gets Hit Three Times on Abortion, Advantage Beaubien — 7 Comments

  1. OMG, David McSweeney is still using the dated pics of himself in his own mailings. That pic of him was used in 2006! The attack ads use more updared images of McSweeney then McSweeney’s own campaign.

    McSweeney campaign manager Jim Thacker is really showing he’s in over his head.

  2. So her only policy position is that she’s pro-abortion? In McHenry county? You have to wonder what that old leather bag is smoking. It must be some good stuff.

  3. **So her only policy position is that she’s pro-abortion?**

    Sure… that is her only policy position, at least if you completely ignore everything else she has sent out.

    **You have to wonder what that old leather bag is smoking.**

    “Old leather bag.” Wow. Another classy (and sexist and offensive) attack on Dee. Y’all are incredible.

  4. Your bias is showing in your choice of the phrase “pro-abortion”.

    There are NO groups that are pro-abortion.

    They are pro-CHOICE, which is distinctly different.

    Pro-choice groups believe the decision on whether or bring a fetus to term or to abort the fetus is between a woman and her doctor — and should NOT be dictated by a law based on someone else’s religion.

  5. I would argue that a group or person who believes women should be able to obtain an abortion up to the date of birth–which is the state of the law in Illinois–is pro-abortion.

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