McSweeney Ties Dee Beaubien to Mike Madigan in Latest Mailing

With the onslaught of abortion mailings, TV ads and, I found out yesterday from my wife, radio ads, there was something of a mid-week pause in the battle being carried on between Dee Beaubien, running as an Independent with heavy support from Mike Madigan, and Republican primary winner David McSweeney.

Thursday, a McSweeney salvo arrived in mailboxes.

With photos of Democratic Party Chairman and House Speaker Mike Madigan and Dee Beaubien, this Dave McSweeney mailing’s biggest headline advertises a “Going out of business sale.”

McSweeney points out, while claiming to be “Independent,” has aligned herself with “Chicago politicians who want to raise out taxes even higher.”

He also repeats Beaubien’s statement, “I will accept support from anybody who offers it.”

There are footnotes again, which you can see below:

The footnotes for the Dave McSweeney mailing that arrived on October 4, 2012.

On the back McSweeney promises a new way to “create Illinois jobs.”

The back of the post card that the Dave McSweeney campaign might call a “jobs” piece.

That plays off his statement on the front that “The old way didn’t work.”

He reprises his issues of

  • eliminating the 67% income tax hike
  • getting rid of legislative pensions
  • cutting legislative salaries and budgets
  • reforming the public pension system


McSweeney Ties Dee Beaubien to Mike Madigan in Latest Mailing — 2 Comments

  1. Still loves loads of text and small type; and still doesn’t go far enough.

    MM and Dee show all-bets-are-off, David should take-the-gloves-off too.

    Over the last 20 years Illinois problems have been fostered by Democrats and Republican governors and legislators alike; along with fellow-bi-partisan ‘moveres and shakers, many of whom are part of what John Kass calls the ‘Corrupt Bi-Partisan Combine.’

    They have really run this state for the last 30 years.

    And by all means Mullah Mike Madigan’s 42 years in the legislature, 28 of them as the all-powerful Speaker of the House.

    Nothing passes unless it has his approval; no pension padded, no pay-to-play contract, nothing – nada – zip.

    He hasn’t been an innocent bystander, he’s been either a major player, or THE major player through Governors Ogilvie, Thompson, Edgar, Ryan, Blagojevich and Quinn.

    Of course he’s been aided by weak Republican leadership — who have tried to become ‘Mini-Mikes’ in their own political playlot, and by welcoming in far too many ‘pant suit & scarf brigade’ RINO’s like Wood, Coulson, Bassi, Mulligan, Krause, Linder, Biggert… all the ones in lock-step with a blanket Beaubien endorsement and Mullah Mike’s knee.

    All those years of playing footsie with the Dems, where has this ‘loyalty to the cause got the Illlinois GOP?

    And don’t forget the Savianos and all the others who have ‘cooked for’ or catered to MM over the years rounding up votes for his pet bills — hows that going lately?

    Too many Republican Governors have been duped into self destruction; take Ogilvie first by enacting the first ever state income tax; add Thompson and Edgar to dismantling the Illinois Republican party under the guise of ‘good government’ by eliminating straight party voting, creating non-partisan (NON-PARTISAN?) elections, and much more.

    Non-partisan elections was suppose to remove the supposed taint of our historic two-party system from local politics, give Republians a chance in Chicago.


    It’s decimated the GOP in the suburbs, made that party so week youv’e had incumbents become Democrats — of in Dee’s case, “Independents”, and has made Chicago an even stronger 1 party town that has now migrated to state government under Mullah Mike.

    Plus it doesn’t be able to “Craft the law to create the taxes; and to manipulate the law for clients to eliminate the taxes.” It’s lucrative on both ends, and as an added bonus — you can write the election laws.

    The corruption, waste, debt, over-spending, outrageous pension frauds, taxes, fees, +67$ income taxhike that is already all long gone, business flight, gambling expansion, +500,000 illegal immigrants and an Illinoiius ‘Dream Act’ to encourage more, ‘smart grid’ utility scam, red light cameras, blocking PTELL legislation, legislative scholarship scandals, death penalty abolishment, +55% property tax accelerated billing, plastic bag recycling scam, fees at state parks, overriding Governors veto of compensation COLAs, lawsuit loan sharks, Daleys 2016 Olympics fiasco, payday loans, school district sales tax, advance deposit wagering…. on and on you’ve gotten near unanimous votes, or RINO stallwarts “NOT VOTING” or voting “PRESENT” .

    That’s where our leaders have brought us in the last 30 years, 28 of them under MM’s stewardship.

    But a guy like David McSweeney, even a few of his personal flaws, is a BIG threat to everybody and to business as usual in Springfield.

    People like him need to be stopped at ALL costs.

  2. Written in haste while fed-up with all the candy coated BS… sorry for the typos.

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