Duckworth Ducks Elgin League of Women Voters – 12 Other No Shows

Tammy Duckworth in one of the few debates she has attended.

From the Joe Walsh for Congress campaign:

Today, Joe spoke in front of the Elgin League of Women Voters. The event was meant to be a debate in which the community could gain a better understanding of where the candidates for the 8th Congressional district stand on the issues our nation faces.

Here is what Joe had to say this afternoon in Elgin – Tammy Duckworth Declines to Debate Joe Walsh

Because Tammy chose not to participate, the League enacted their “Empty Chair” policy. Subsequently, Joe was allowed just two minutes to speak.

This was 1 of 12 debate invitations that Tammy Duckworth has declined to date.

This election will decide the path our nation takes for the next four years.

Because of the significance of this election, voters deserve to hear what the candidates plan to do to fix our nation’s stagnant economy and get Americans back to work.

Unfortunately, the community is not hearing what Tammy Duckworth has planned. We know that she plans to “roll up her sleeves”, but what she will do after that remains to be heard or seen.

Have a great evening,
The Walsh for Congress Team

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