Jack Jumps Out of the Box, “Vote Yes” on His County Executive Literature Same as “Republican” Group’s Yard Signs

Kishwaukee Post 192 of the American Legion provided the Color Guard for the 2012 Marengo Settlers Day Parade.

I go to parades to see what candidates show up.  And which ones don’t.

Last year, for instance, before Congressman Joe Walsh decided not to run where he lived, but, instead, run in a newly-gerrymandered 8th District which contains none of McHenry County, Walsh worked the parade and his prospective primary opponent Randy Hutlgren did not.

Equipment came from the Marengo, Union and Huntley Fire Protection Districts, the Marengo Rescue Squad and the Northern Illinois Fire Museum, not to mention Tom McDermott’s Dixieland Band.

At Marengo’s Settlers Day Parade there were lots of fire engines and rescue vehicles, but not a lot of candidates.

One who would have been up front right after the fire engines was a no show.

That was Undersheriff Andy Zinke, one of three candidates for Sheriff in 2014, with his taxpayer-financed sign for the side of departmental vehicle.

Instead of having Undersheriff Andy Zinke stand in for Sheriff Keith Nygren, in the Marengo Settlers Day Parade, this female deputy drove a county vehicle.

Instead a female officer was riding in a community relations vehicle with Keith Nygren’s name on its side.  (There was also a motor cycle rider with

Then, Jack showed up.

Not Jack Franks…not yet anyway.

Captain Jack Sparrow made his second appearance at the Marengo Settlers Day Parade.

The first Jack and the one drawing most attention, it seemed to me, was Captain Jack Sparrow of Pirates of the Caribbean fame.  The impersonator is really good.

The Settlers Day Parade draws lots of bands for a band contest. The parade has more bands than any other in McHenry County.

The first Jack came right after the Marengo High School Band.

Jack Franks Cadillac convertible led his Marengo parade entry.

The contingent for the second, but hometown Jack came next led by the BAC JACK license plated Cadillac convertible Franks drives.

You can see the back of the pro-County Executive leaflet that Jack Franks supporters were distributing to the crowd at the parade.

Supporters were passing out candy, but what caught my attention was the sheets of paper other were distributing, not just to the folks standing or sitting in front of the crowd, but the more casual spectators back along the sidewalks.

Then, along came Jack.

Not the pirate, but the lawyer-politician.

State Rep. Jack Franks runs to catch up with supporters passing out candy.

Even after the trailing edge of the Franks entry passed, volunteers were offering the flyer to people at the edges of the crowd.

Jack Franks’ supporters gave the County Executive referendum “Vote Yes” literature to as many people as possible.

So, what did the Democrat’s campaign piece say?

Take a look below:

The front of the “Vote Yes” flyer says almost the same thing as the yard signs that popped up a week ago. Below the admonition of how to vote is the following: “County Executive = Lower Taxes.”

The message on the front of the flyer is the same as on the yard signs that popped up on highway shoulders and in yards of Jack Franks supporters last weekend.

The message and design on the red, white and blue yard sign are the same as on the black and white flyer for which Jack Franks claims credit. Anyone think he wasn’t behind the yard sign, no matter what its claim of authorship is?

But missing is the

Paid for by McHenry County Republicans for Lower Taxes

Guess that front group doesn’t exist or has gone into hiding.

On the back of Franks’  “Republican” yard sign replication is a pitch for support of the County Executive Franks gathered signatures for.

If passed, Franks argues…

Yes, the broadside admits that it is “Paid for by Supporters of Jack Franks,” the State Representative’s Political Action Committee…Anyway, he argues…

  1. Lower property taxes with the government spending less
  2. Direct accountability to the voters
  3. A popularly elected County Executive
  4. Read checks and balances
  5. A more transparent government
  6. An accountable County Board
  7. STOPPING 21-straight years of increase property taxes especially at a time when housing values have dropped 40%

Pretty much everyone knows the saying, “Figures lie and liars figure.” Whether the phrase applies here or not, I don’t know. I do know that Will County has a whale of a lot more industry than McHenry County, which could help explain the differences shown by Franks.  Click to enlarge.

Franks next compares Will County taxes with those levied by the McHenry County Board.

He provides per capita taxes from 2005 through 2011, pointing out that Will county has had a popularly elected County Executive since 1989.

Following the Franks contingent was a dog dresses as a shark.

Following Jack Franks entry were dogs in costumes. One was dressed as a shark.

Whether having a pirate in front of Jack Franks and a shark-costumed dog behind has any significance, I don’t know.


Jack Jumps Out of the Box, “Vote Yes” on His County Executive Literature Same as “Republican” Group’s Yard Signs — 11 Comments

  1. Would Jack Franks be doing this if he had Tonya Franklin as an opponent??

  2. Jeffersonian – TIME — Besides, write in’s never win.

    It is so difficult to get thousands of people to do it properly.

    Why should she have to??

  3. Funny that county executive form doesn’t lower taxes…. It actually takes much more time to pass legislation.

    Manipulative Cheat.

  4. FYI – Time? It is an allocation of time, which is fine. Just shows the how important representing the 63rd District is to her. And I think the soon to be obsolete party should have gave Tonya the approval.

    Melissa – While I agree that the tax argument is garbage, taking longer for governments to pass legislation is the best argument I’ve heard FOR the County Executive.

  5. IL Jefersonian apparently loves the idea of a one party state…..just like Marx…..

    He will never let out his name…because they come from the shadows…

    However, the whole county exec idea will not cost us less it has to cost us more…Guaranteed.

  6. Mr Thorsen – I haven’t ever been called a Marxist.

    Guess there is a first time for everything.

    But please read my post as I say the tax argument Rep Franks make doesn’t follow.

    I will be voting against the County Exec but an argument for it is that is can slow a government body down which is always good for liberty.

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