Algonquin Township Votes Not to Freeze Salaries for Four Years

Algonquin Township officials gathered in the Township Hall for the October Board meeting.

Last month, led by Trustee Dan Shea, the Algonquin Township Board voted 4-1 to freeze salaries for the first two years of the term starting next May and allowing a 2% per year increase for the last two years.

Wednesday night an effort was made to freeze them for the entire four-year term, but it was defeated on a 3-2 vote.

The two votes for a four-year freeze were Supervisor Dianne Klemm and newly-appointed Trustee Russ Cardelli.

Klemm switched her vote from a month ago.

Trustees supporting last decision were

  • Lowell Cutsforth
  • Linda Lance
  • Dan Shea

Larry Emory points out a mistake he found in the Algonquin Township Audit.

Salaries for Supervisor will be $66,655.40 for the first two years and rise to $69,348.28 in the final year, plus $1,000 for being the Road District Treasurer.

The Road Commissioner will receive $93,317.56 to start, rising to $97,087.59 in 2016.

The Assessor will be paid $84,430.18 to start, going up to $87,841.16 in the last year of the term.

Township Clerk will continuing receiving $17,774.78 for the first two years, rising to $18,492.88 in the fourth year.

The Board voted to accept the audit without substantive questions, which it was decided would be asked at the next meeting, if there were any.

in the public comment period at the beginning of 35-minute meeting, audience member Larry Emory pointed out what appeared to be a clip and paste mistake in the audit.


Algonquin Township Votes Not to Freeze Salaries for Four Years — 6 Comments

  1. Inish – not many. Should ask for that.

    Let’s remember Cardelli and Klemm at election time.

    Shea, Cutsworth and Lance – RUBBER STAMPS FOR THE MILLER’s

    Nepotism gone amuck – Got Bob and Anna on the payroll along with Sons in Law
    Rosecrans and Lee.

    Voters – time to do something about it all when Township elections come up.

  2. PS – don’t just want the number of miles.

    Want the number of miles MINUS all the work they do where they are not supposed to!!

    They just create “busy work” so that they all have something to do ON OUR DIME!!

  3. By all accounts, it looks like the Miller family lifts well over a quarter million dollars every year from our pockets, with little or no proof of what they really do.

    February’s election can change all that, or, at least, make it harder to hide.

    Wouldn’t it be fun to make random visits to the township offices, unannounced, and see if there’s anyone minding the store?

    When Anna M is at the County Board, do they prop a dummy in her chair?

  4. While Anna is at County Board and not working at her Twp job, does she make up her work in overtime???

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