McSweeney Responds to Beaubien Pounding on Abortion Issue

Click to enlarge to see the Tammy Duckworth quote.

Last week Dee Beaubien (Ind.-Beaubien) played Rock-em-Sock-em with Dave McSweeney on the issue of abortion in the mailbox, on radio and television.

To that point McSweeney had taken the pinata approach to the campaign, much as State Senator Bill Brady did when he lost to Pat Quinn, who is filled out his Personal PAC questionnaire the same was Beaubien did, that is, as Tammy Duckworth put it forthrightly in the October 12th Chicago Tribune (for which I cannot find a satisfactory link, but have added the internet text to the right):

“Duckworth said she does not ‘support any restrictions of a woman’s right to choose or her access to safe, affordable reproductive health services.'”

That’s shorthand for “I think a woman should be able to abort her baby until the day before birth.”

Dee Beaubien shares Duckworth’s views. One can tell that from her Personal PAC endorsement.

Last week my wife told me that a Beaubien radio ad (WLS-FM, I beleive) said that McSweeney shared the views of foot-in-mouth Missouri U.S. Senate candidate Todd Akin.

This week McSweeney counter attacked on the same oldies station (I believe) saying that charge was false, but then went on to counterattack on economic issues.

Seemed strange to me, but a strategist told me that he just didn’t want to fight on her turf.

Looking at McSweeney’s Saturday attack mailing on abortion, I guess it wasn’t an across the board decision to ignore Beaubien’s vulnerabilities on the issue.

Take a look at the mailing:

“Her radical view on abortion are enough to make your cry,” Dave McSweeney’s piece says on the address side, noting that she has given $9,200 to the pro-abortion Personal PAC.

And, here’s the back of McSweeney’s abortion mailing:

David McSweeney’s piece continues on the back, listing specifics.

Beaubien is said to

  • support taxpayer-paid abortions
  • oppose parental notification laws (minors getting abortions without their parents’ knowledge)
  • oppose mandatory waiting periods before an abortion
  • support abortion on demand
  • support partial birth abortions

Instead of emphasizing these positions on the abortion issue, with which about three-fourths of the public agree with McSweeney, he stresses the contributions that Beaubien has made to Personal PAC, which virtually not one has ever heard of.

McSweeney does not state his position. As I understand it, he favors allowing abortion in instances of rape and incest and to save the life of the mother, something Beaubien material has denied.

Unfortunately for McSweeney, another mailing also arrived on Saturday, thus diluting the message.  Or maybe it was intentional.

This Dave McSweeney post card focuses on higher taxes.  It amplifies the simple issue by talking about the impact on a family of having less money to spend.

The back of the economic piece:

David McSweeney is seen in a kitchen talking to a young girl. Unfortunately, the print is so small as not to invite me to want to read it.  The headline says, “It’s about restoring peace of mind.”  Click to enlarge, if you have further interest.


McSweeney Responds to Beaubien Pounding on Abortion Issue — 9 Comments

  1. Interesting… I didn’t get the abortion piece.

    Wonder if he’s targetting folks there.

    I’ve received all of his other mail.

    And when knocking this neighborhood, saw this in others’ mailboxes.

    But I agree with you Cal – what an odd thing to highlight.

  2. You can always tell a baby killer……..but not much.

  3. Madigan has put in ovrr $100,000 into Beaubien’s campaign.

    Since candidates get a cheaper price than non-candidates, the money for them comes from her campaign account.

  4. Jeez, this race is nasty as is the Duckworth Walsh race.

    I don’t even get to vote in either of those races but I still have to see the nasty commercials! 🙁

    I can’t wait until it’s over.

    Then it’s two years of peace followed by two years of campaigning.


  5. It’s interesting how many people who weren’t aborted think it’s okay to take the life of another.

    Just think, if the politicians who are Pro Death were aborted, we wouldn’t have to worry about not voting for them now.

    They would never have inhaled fresh air after a great rainstorm.

    They would never have been in love.

    They could never be RHINOs or Independents for Madigan.

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