Personal PAC Endorsements in McHenry County Government

The pro-abortion Personal PAC does not list its fall endorsements on its web site.

Just the primary picks.

But thanks to the McHenry County Citizens for Choice, McHenry County Blog can share them with you.

Here’s the introduction,

“Personal PAC (PP) has sent questionnaires to the county board candidates listed to evaluate their positions on reproductive rights.

“Candidates who completed their questionnaires satisfactorily were endorsed by Personal PAC and are indicated on the chart below. Although other candidates have expressed pro-choice views, those views cannot be recognized if they do not return the Personal PAC questionnaire.

“MCCC does not endorse candidates.

“County candidate’s views on reproductive rights are important.

“Although these offices do not have jurisdiction over abortion policies, support of all reproductive rights, including family planning and comprehensive sexuality education, is essential at every level.

“County boards; school boards; committeemen; municipal boards, and party committeemen can influence decisions on issues vital to our community’s ability to make rational decisions on public health policies and to meet the reproductive health needs of its citizens.

“As elected officials these office holders will have the opportunity to exercise political leadership and have an impact on public officials who are responsible for abortion policies in Illinois. In addition, these offices are often used as first steps in a political career. The chart below shows the candidates and their party affiliation.”

The information provided by Personal PAC on McHenry County candidates to the McHenry County Citizens for Choice.

Key: INC = incumbent
Pro-Choice – Endorsed by Personal PAC
Anti-choice = rating by Illinois Citizens for Life

So folks can find the information via a search engine, I’ll print the relevant parts below:

  • McHCoBd Dist 1 – Nick Chirikos (D) and Republicans Robert C. (Bob) Nowak – INC, Anna May Miller – INC, Yvonne M. Barnes – Anti-choice, Robert “Bob” Bless – INC
  • McHCoBd Dist 2  – Democrats James P. Kennedy and Jim Roden – Pro-Choice and Republicans Donna Kurtz – INC – Pro-Choice, James L. Heisler – INC – Anti-Choice, Kenneth D. Koehler – INC-Anti-Choice, Carolyn Schofield
  • McHCoBd Dist 3 –  Democrat Kathleen Bergan Schmidt – INC and Republicans Joseph (Joe) Gottemoller – Anti-Choice, Nick Provenzano, INC – Anti-Choice, Michael J Walkup and Mary McClellan – Anti-Choice
  • McHCoBd Dist 4 – Mary Margaret Maule (D) and Republicans John D Hammerand – INC – Anti-Choice, Sandra Fay Salgado – INC. Sue Draffcorn – INC – Anti-Choice, Robert “Bob” M Martens Sr
  • McHCoBd Dist 5 – DemocratPaula Yensen – INC and Republicans Michael Skala- Anti-Choice, John Jung – INC – Anti-Choice, Tina Hill – INC – Pro-Choice, Michael Rein, plus Green Party candidate Frank Wedig
  • McHCoBd Dist 6 – Democrats Scott Summers – Pro-Choice, Ryan Heuser and Jayant Kadakia, Republicans Diane Evertsen – INC – Anti-Choice, Mary T. McCann – INC, Ersel Schuster – INC – Anti-Choice, Michele R Aavang, plus Independent Larry W. Smith

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