Romney Sign Thief Doesn’t Smile for the Camera

What do you do when someone steals six Romney signs from your front yard?

I had mine knocked down six times, run over the first time, I think.

Then, it was stolen this weekend,

A fellow in McHenry is the one from whose front yard a Romney sign has been stolen six times.

He got disturbed enough to wait with a camera.

As the thief was pulling the sign out of the grass, he got the photo you see below:

If anyone knows this guy and wouldn’t mind his being the subject of a police report, please real his name in the comment section.

I guess the sign thieves don’t believe the poll numbers that say Obama will soundly defeat Romney in Illinois.


Romney Sign Thief Doesn’t Smile for the Camera — 21 Comments

  1. I’ve had mine solen several times, although others weren’t disturbed.

    Maybe somebody wanted a Romney sign for their yard and didn’t know where to go?

    Maybe didn’t want to pay for it?

    Palatine Twsp. requires you to make a donation because they said they have to “buy” their signs.

    Sure wasn’t like that in the old days.

  2. Been?

    Oh, I am sure that this is some poor fellow who couldn’t afford his own sign and was just borrowing.

  3. I noticed that someone stole Beaubien and Kurtz 4×4 signs by the Bike Shop in CL.

    So lets not pretend that it is just anti-Romney folks stealing signs.

    And I would strongly suggest that no one touch my signs… 🙂

  4. Does any rational human being really think that stealing a political opponent’s yard sign really helps their own candidate?

    Stealing yard signs is not really a political move at all, it’s a sign of a psychiatric illness.

  5. Dude, you are missing out on some serious potential amusement.

    When I used to put up campaign signs I would always place them, whenever possible, in a fire ant mound.

    The ground there is much softer, so you can really push them in deep.

    When someone took to running over our signs, I found a spot in a vacant lot where there was concrete and rebar sticking out of the ground at just about “oil pan” height, and put a flock of signs there.

    If you lack the requisite ant mound, there are a lot of fun alternatives.

    I won’t speculate on the possibilities of electrification, but there are a lot of things like stink bombs or dye packs or even loud alarms that could be rigged.

    Think of the fun you would have if, when sign stealer returns, his efforts were rewarded by your yard sprinkers automaticaly coming on!

  6. Comevon dave, give it a rest.

    This goof is just one who was caught.

    Anytime you want to take the time to catch him, be my guest.

    You are offended by everything.

    eez, tell me who else you’re voting for so I can vote against them just on principle.

    I WILL leave their signs alone.

    Oh it rained Sunday on the Dee and Kurtz signs. You want to take it up with the One who committed that unfair act?

  7. Paul,

    Dave is a Left wing, Catholic-hating, LOON bird. That is evident.

    He may be the guy actually stealing the sign! 🙂

  8. CLM…sounds like you are a classic American Taliban (Ideological purity, compromise as weakness, a fundamentalist belief in scriptural literalism, denying science, unmoved by facts, undeterred by new information, a hostile fear of progress, a demonization of education, a need to control women’s bodies, severe xenophobia, tribal mentality, intolerance of dissent and a pathological hatred of the U.S. government).

    Over in Lake County a county controlled by the GOP for 174 years they are stealing Democratic signs.

  9. LCT: Come on and read what you wrote.

    You sound far worse in your description of CLM.

    Your guy is going to win Illinois.

    And probably re-election.

    Sign stealing is just one “dirty trick” that has occurred for decades or longer.

    You, dave and other extremists need to give it a rest.

    It happens to both sides.

    Is it right? No.

    Is it fair? No.

    But given our proximity to Cook County (both that county and this state are renowned for their corruption), don’t be suprised when it happens.

    Call your precinct comitteeman for a new sign or something.

    Having said, I love that the sign-stealer got busted.

    The greater punishment would be to identify to which other campaign he supports besides that of our Benevolent Leader.

    Connecting the dirty deed to a campaign provides more fodder for the opponent.

    I think the guy is a union thug.

  10. Too funny, 4 other’s posts makes it out ahead of mine.

    Looks like the McHenry county blog is just as biased as the guy stealing signs!

    I no longer require your services!

  11. Too funny, 4 other’s posts makes through approval ahead of mine.

    Looks like the McHenry county blog is just as biased as the guy stealing signs! I no longer require your services!

  12. Hysterical.

    Cannot believe anyone thinks removal of the signs will prevent votes.

    What a moron.

  13. @Paul- offended?

    Who’s offended?

    Y’all just don’t seem to like someone having a different opinion around here.

    I’m not offended… I’m just providing some balance to Cal’s one-sided “reporting.”

    @CLM- you still don’t seem to understand what hate is.

    But I will tell you that saying something over and over again still doesn’t make it true.

    **sign stealing is just one “dirty trick”… You, dave, and others need to give it a rest.**

    Huh? What are you talking about?

    You do know that Cal brought up the sign-stealing, not us, right?

    Also… The whole “Cook County corruption” thing is amusing.

    I see as much, if not more, corruption/political thuggery from the Republicans in McHenry County than I ever saw when I lived in Chicago.

  14. After speaking with a trusted third party, maybe I’m misunderstanding how this approval process works.

    Feel free to disallow my learning curve from being posted.


  15. Duhhhh, gee Tennessee.

    Looks to me like it’s patsy George Bush trying to frame Team Obama.

  16. Did Steve really say that a libertarian would never steal a yard sign?

    That’s amusing.

  17. I admit impatience above.

    But Dave I don’t know that you understand classic Libertarian beliefs.

    A basic Libertarian belief states that one can respect another’s opinion without agreeing with it.

    If someone said they were a Libertarian and stole the signs of an opponent, then it looks like their actions were larger than their words and they are not a true Libertarian.

    I guess without further escalating my original emotional exaggeration caused by impatience above, I don’t kindly understand what is amusing.

  18. All I can say is 5 times in one week signs have been taken from my vacant lot!!!

    Yes I’m very angry.

    What makes my blood pressure rise more is the fact it is likely an adult.

    Cheat, lie and steal.

    I hope they are not teaching the children this……we need change.

    Go vote.

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