Term Limits for Legislative Leaders Catches Tribune’s Eye

“Term limits for legislative leaders” read the sign unveiled at the press conference announcing Cal Skinner’s Libertarian Party candidacy in 2002.

First promoted over ten years ago in my Libertarian Party campaign for Illinois Governor against Rod Blagojevich and Jim Ryan, my proposal for Term Limits for Legislative Leaders made the Chicago Tribune editorial endorsement of State Senator Dan Duffy.

Here’s the part about him:

26th District: Republican Sen. Dan Duffy, of Lake Barrington, has been calling out his colleagues since the first time he rose to speak on the Senate floor, when he accused leaders in both parties of enabling the crimes of Gov. Rod Blagojevich. Duffy says Senate leadership has “punished” him — moving his parking space, shutting off his microphone while he’s speaking, that sort of thing — but he won’t muzzle himself. Duffy says a lot of the right things: about pension reform, school choice, workers’ comp, the need to repair the state’s business climate and ethics reforms — including, not surprisingly, term limits on legislative leaders. He might make more friends (and pass more bills) if he toned it down a bit, but he is who he is, and taxpayers are lucky to have him on their side [emphasis added].


Term Limits for Legislative Leaders Catches Tribune’s Eye — 1 Comment

  1. The Tribune is a sham.

    I love how NOW they are critical of Madigan.

    What a laugh, they’ve been supporting both him and his power play for more than 3 decades.

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