Beaubien Donates $500 to both Donna Kurtz and Tina Hill

Dee Beaubien (Ind.-Madigan) has a campaign disclosure report that is too complicated to analyze tonight.

But there is one line that caught my attention.

It’s for “Transfers out,” that is contributions or payments to other candidates or Political Action Committees.

Here’s what I found:

Both Republican County Board members Tina Hill and Donna Kurtz received $500 from Dee Beaubien’s campaign fund. The Democratic Party County Chairmen’s Association received $1,000 for its voter file.

Beaubien is running against Republican David McSweeney.


Beaubien Donates $500 to both Donna Kurtz and Tina Hill — 5 Comments

  1. ………And Tina wants to be Chairman Of McHenry County. Voters, please think long

    and hard about what you’ld be getting. Look at her record of voting because it is

    exactly like the current Chairman votes and we can’t afford either. We don’t need

    more of the same and she doesn’t get it.

  2. Just like Mark used to do with teacher union money.

    So Kurtz and Hill are running as Republicans and taking Democrat money.

    This is what is insane about partisan politics.



    Oh wait… We already knew that.

    I have no idea why this is any kind of surprise.

  4. @Dave: It’s well known that Dee supports baby murder. It’s not well known that Kurtz and Hill do.

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