After the County Executive Debate

One of the problems that State Rep. Jack Franks has with passing his pet referendum is that he does not have a unified Democratic Party behind him.

Take, for example, Paula Yensen, the wife of the McHenry County Democratic Party Chairman, Mike Bissett.

Or Cathy Bergan Schmidt, the other incumbent Democratic Party County Board member.

At the County Board debates, the only Democrats I remember endorsing the proposal were District 4 candidate Mary Margaret Maule and District 6 candidate Ryan Heuser.

And after the debate, I saw this woman with a bunch of “Vote No” signs under her arm.

After the debate Wednesday, this Democrat had “Vote No” signs under one arm.

As she turned around, I saw “Anderson for Congress” signs under the other arm.

Under the Cary woman’s other arm were signs in support of Democratic Party candidate for Congress Dennis Anderson. I guess she lives in Nunda Township, because the Algonquin Township part of Cary does not have Anderson on its ballot. Note that she is wearing an Obama button on her lapel.

I asked where she lived and discovered it was rural Cary.


After the County Executive Debate — 7 Comments

  1. Well, unlike you, Cal, not all people see things through the prism of left and right. Who ever suggested that the Democratic Party was, or should, line up behind this issue?

    Moreover, how would ‘unified Democratic Party support’ be a positive in the GOP stronghold that is McHenry County.

    Hate to break it to you — but not everything fits into the little false paradigm you attempt (fail) to construct on a daily basis.

  2. Ha ha ha. Yeah well spoken ^.^ County politics are a little bit different than Washington D.C.

    People are allowed to have different opinions within a given party.

    It’s that divide and conquer mentality that is hurting this country.

  3. Cal’s head must explode if he drives by my house – I have a 3 yard signs up – one for a Republican, one for an Independent, and one for a Democrat. OMG!!!

    But seriously… Dems are most definitely unified behind Franks on pretty much anything, considering that Franks is, generally, more conservative on most issues than most Republicans.

    Any position that Franks questions forces me to consider what the other side’s position is, because I don’t trust Jack Franks as far as I can throw him.

  4. “Dems are most definitely unified behind Franks on pretty much anything..”

    You’re offering conclusions not found in evidence.

    That is not even remotely true.

    Care to share an example with us [evidently] uninformed folks?

  5. That’s because most of them are Republicans that took over the party . They couldn’t cut it in their own party so they took over the Democrats party. Wonder why the Republican party kicked them out????

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