Walsh Points Out SuperPAC Opponent Duckworth Now Benefiting from Them

Joe Walsh is criticized for being “loud” on the SuperPAC TV ad.

A press release from Joe Walsh:

Duckworth Donors Pour $3 Million into Anti-Walsh SuperPAC

Following third quarter fundraising totals released by both candidates, it has been revealed 21 Tammy Duckworth donors and members of her finance committee have contributed over $3 million into House Majority PAC.

House Majority PAC is a George Soros backed liberal Super PAC that recently purchased a $2.4 million ad buy attacking Congressman Joe Walsh.

In response, Congressman Joe Walsh released the following statement:

“Tammy Duckworth has spent much of her campaign grandstanding against Super PACs.

“Yet it is now clear that it is Ms. Duckworth’s own contributors who are bankrolling the very same Super PAC that has committed over $2 million to attack me.

“It seems like more than a mere coincidence that just 21 individuals and couples, who are major supporters of Ms. Duckworth, funneled over $3 million into a Super PAC.

“Then that Super PAC used that money to attack me.

“It is hard to believe that Ms. Duckworth or members of her team have not been steering their donors to give money to the George Soros Super PAC.

“This clear link between Ms. Duckworth and her Super PAC must be investigated.

“My campaign is beginning the process of filing an FEC complaint to have them look into the matter.

“Ms. Duckworth’s effort to crusade against ‘big money’ could not be more transparent.

“This is Chicago Machine Blagojevich Era politics at its worst.

“No matter how much she tries to hide from it, Ms. Duckworth is the hand picked choice by the Chicago Machine, and the more people of the 8th district learn about her, the less they like.”

The following Duckworth donors are the most egregious examples of the possible coordination effort:

  • Donald Sussman – $1,150,000 to House Majority Super PAC
  • Fred Eychener – $750,000 to House Majority Super PAC
  • Amy Goldman – $500,000 to House Majority Super PAC
  • Cheryl & Haim Saban funneled $325,000 in corporate funds into House Majority Super PAC

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