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Today’s masthead of Elgin Community College’s web site.

Elgin Community College Board member Robert A. Getz sends out periodic reports on his take on his institution.

I have just seen my first one.

As those in District 300 know, their school districts feeds into ECC, rather than McHenry County College.

While I was in the Illinois General Assembly during the 1970’s, I had ECC, MCC and Rock Valley College in my State Rep. district.

Previously, I have found no way to cover what ECC does and now offer this Trustee’s viewpoint:

On October 4, 2012, we had a special meeting of Elgin Community College’s Board of Trustees. The purpose was to approve an agreement with the Village of Burlington and consider funding their ability to negotiate that agreement with the College. I had no problem with the agreement. However, I do have a problem with funding the Village of Burlington’s negotiations with the College.

My Real Estate Tax Contribution for this year to Elgin Community College was ~ $500. When my fellow Trustees voted to give the Village of Burlington $75,000 to cover the Village costs for negotiating with the College, my Real Estate Tax Contribution to ECC along with that of 149 of my fellow taxpayers was eliminated with no benefit to the business of the College.

I understand the Village of Burlington is not a well funded governmental body and may not have the funds to support this initiative. I understand that the College’s locating these facilities in that Village is advantageous. However, the business of the College is not to provide the wherewithal for the Village of Burlington to accomplish its duties.

We had a recent situation with the City of Elgin where Elgin did not have the funds to support the constriction work on Spartan Drive. In that instance, we loaned them the funds which they will pay back with interest. We should have done the same with the Village of Burlington.

Elgin Community College can not identify how to lower the Levy to reduce the Real Estate Tax Rates but the College can give away funds to others for a variety of expenditures and subsidies not associated with the business of the school.

On November 12, 2012, there will be a Committee of the Whole Meeting in the University and Business Center (Building E) from 3:00-6:00pm. A variety of subjects are discussed and you will have a number of opportunities before, during and after the meeting to meet with and discuss your concerns with the Trustees and representatives of the College.

On November 13, 2012, there will be an Open Board Meeting at the University and Business Center (Building E) from 6:30-8:00pm. Part of that meeting will be a hearing on the Tax Levy. You may address the Board at the Meeting or at the Hearing to provide them with your concerns. This is a point in time when you will have the full attention of the Board and the College’s Administration.

If you would like to meet with me to review the Tax Levy and your opportunities to have your concerns heard by the Board, just contact me at 630-777-8574 or my email at rgetzecc@yahoo.com.

On another item, John Dalton is the only Trustee to have voted NO with me on last year’s Tax Levy. He is currently running for the Position of Judge for Kane County’s 16th Circuit Court. I wholeheartedly recommend him to you for this position and suggest you review his qualifications on his website, www.johndaltonforjudge.com.

After you’ve read this email, in addition to your attending these meetings, I look forward to your providing me with your thoughts, comments and suggestions. Please reply to rgetzecc@yahoo.com or call at 630-777-8574 and provide your thoughts. I would be very happy to provide replies at the first opportunity.


Robert A. Getz
Trustee at Elgin Community College


A Trustee Reports from Elgin Community College — 3 Comments

  1. Getz is a Democrat running for the Kane County Board.

    I suspect the timing of this newsletter coincides with the election.

    He also mentions homosexual activist John Dalton.

    Dalton’s husband is Democrat State Senator Mike Noland’s legislative aide.

  2. Thank you Allen Skillicorn for pointing this out.

    Funny the word “Democrat” is not used to endorse the openly gay circuit judge candidate ECC Trustee John Dalton.

  3. Oh no… a “DEMOCRAT”!!!

    Y’all buy way too much into partisan labels.

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