Beaubien-Madigan Relationship Makes John Kass Column…Sort of

In Friday’s Chicago Tribune John Kass column, the Dee Beaubien (Ind.-Madigan) campaign was referenced.

It was in a tongue-in-check piece about fines that should be levied against politicians.

Consider the Chicken Tax: Aimed at former State Senator Barack Obama, who voted present many, many times. $100,000 for each offense.

Consider the Double Dipper Tax: For those politicians receiving two pensions from two governments. Fine would be $1 million.

Or the Boomerang Tax: “If they raise salaries by 2%, then their salaries shrink by 2%. And, if they increase income taxes by 67%, they lose two-thirds of their salaries. Kind of makes you think before you vote, right?”

And, then there’s the In-Kind Tax:

John Kass’ seeming reference to Mike Madigan’s massive contributions to “Independent” Dee Beaubien’s campaign against David McSweeney.

“Any campaign donation made by a politician to another politicians must be matched with an in-kind contribution to the state debt.

“So, if, say, House Speaker Michael Madigan, the boss, slips an ‘independent’ candidate $250,000 for a campaign, he must pay an equal amount into the general revenue stream, to deal with all the problems Madigan has ignored while he’s been busy raising case and bossing governors and mayors around.”

Actually, the last time I checked, direct contributions from Madigan’s Political Action Committees was $306,000.


Beaubien-Madigan Relationship Makes John Kass Column…Sort of — 2 Comments

  1. Sickening absolutely sickening.

    Dee Beaubien should or should not have takem money from the dems is an issue.

    However she is no witch, she is and absolutely remains a lady.

    I can’t believe how absolutely common some of you are.

    By the way cal, you describe her opponent more then once as “successful businessman”.

    Where exactly was this so called business he was so good at and what was it’s name.

    Furthermore you have printed his mailing where he claims he was an “investment banker” where and when was that and what exactly did he do?

    Funny, but nothing contains a real Bio about him.

    Why do you suppose that is?

    Another term is ‘million aire businessman” with Barrington Hills thrown in as his home.

    Could it be borth he and his spouse simply inherited thier money?

    So whats he been doing since college and where and when has he been doing it?

    Are we jus being snowed with vague claims?

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