Duckworth Plans Deadbeat Dad Card

A press release from Joe Walsh:

Rep. Joe Walsh on Duckworth’s “Graceless” Attacks on His Family

Calls on Duckworth to pull the ad

In April, a suit filed against Congressman Joe Walsh for delinquent child support payments was dismissed by a judge and Congressman Walsh along with his ex-wife issued a statement that he is not and never was a “deadbeat dad”.

Despite the issue being amicably resolved in private by the family, Tammy Duckworth began airing a new TV ad in addition to a mail campaign accusing Walsh of being a “deadbeat”.

Congressman Walsh released the following statement:

“For Tammy Duckworth to bring up this private family matter that was resolved and dismissed is nothing short of graceless.

“It shows how desperate her campaign has become since polls have shown me ahead and it represents the worst in our political system.

“Ms. Duckworth has demonstrated she will do and say anything to win this campaign.

“Because of my children, it has always been my priority to keep this a private matter.

“I’ve always campaigned as an open book and have been honest with voters about my life.

“But for Ms. Duckworth to drag my family into this campaign by running on a case that was dismissed months ago, shows that she and her campaign have no limits to the lows they will achieve.

“This is Chicago machine politics at its worse, but it is what is expected from a Blago protege like Ms. Duckworth.

“I will not stand for it, and I call on the Duckworth campaign to stop these untrue and offensive attacks on my family.

“It’s Ms. Duckworth’s hope to distract voters from the fact she is currently being sued by two Illinois Veterans Affairs whistleblowers that she tried to fire and humiliate.

“I think we deserve better from our candidates than what Ms. Duckworth is resorting to in this campaign, and we deserve better from public officials than what Ms. Duckworth did to two whistleblowers when she ran the Illinois VA.”

Watch Tammy Duckworth’s false TV ad.

The direct mail in question sent by Tammy Duckworth to voters can be viewed here.

Here is one panel of the “Deadbeat Dad” piece that Tammy Duckworth mailed. You can see the other parts by clicking on the word “here” above.


Duckworth Plans Deadbeat Dad Card — 15 Comments

  1. Funny, neither Walsh or Cal mention all of the other examples of Waslh being a deadbeat.

    The fact is, Walsh has a history of being a deadbeat- child support, property taxes, mortage, campaign staffers, etc.

    The child support piece is just one example.

    But I am ALL for Walsh highlighting the child support issue. That should play really well.

  2. Truth must hurt ole shoeless Joe.

    Fact is he didn’t pay child support, settled it and got his ex to keep her mouth shut. No vcongressmans salary no child support simple.

    Voting for a deadbeat no matter what party we gotta be nuts to even consider it.

  3. Pathetic liars.

    Ralph and Dave what a disgusting way to lie about a man.

    I expected no less.

    Cheers! We’ll see on Nov. 6, 2012

    Go Joe!!

  4. I trust the court. Show proof or crawl back under your rocks.

  5. Tonya- please be specific. Where, exactly, have I lied.

    It is really great to see that you trust the government so much, but that seems to be somewhat irrelevant to this issue.

    The court did NOT say that Walsh had tot been a deadbeat.

    Instead, they dismissed the case because it had been settled.

    Further, Walsh even admits that he didn’t pay his court ordered child support payments; he just claimed that his wife was fine with it.

    And oh yea- Walsh now has his congressional wages garnished.

    And the other issues…do we need to go into details there as well?

    Walsh’s press release, and its refusal to even acknowledge the other issues, appears to be a pretty clear admission of guilt on its own.

    Walsh has a history- one of being a deadbeat and not meeting his financial obligations.

    And really?

    Crawl under my rock?

    How old are we?

  6. Hmmm.

    Never really seen this side of Tonya, guess I am glad the Repubs didn’t put you on the ballot.

    Joe is brash from what I see, just because he cut a deal with his ex to dismiss the child support issue, doesn’t mean that there wasn’t one.

    Where there’s smoke … it’s usually outside because smoking isn’t allowed indoors.

  7. I have to ask: If this was a job interview and “Joe” Walsh applied to be your representative and all this came out in the interview…..Would you seriously hire him?

  8. Anyone who has gone through a contentious divorce/custody battle, knows what attorneys and fueding spouses can do.

    For any political candidate to pick through the detritis of a dead marriage looking for advantage, is about as low as anybody can get; and it tells more about them than anybody.

    This reeks of David Axelrod.

  9. BeenThereDoneThat says: 10/22/2012 at 6:29 pm

    I agree 100%.

    Lets hear about the issues

  10. “Let’s hear about the issues”

    I don’t know about you, but I think integrity matters.

    Walsh has a fairly substantial record of being a deadbeat- not paying bills, not paying his employees, not paying his mortgage, and not paying his child support.

    Y’all can blame it on David Axlerod all you want…but Joe Walsh ADMITTED to not paying his court mandated child support.

    That isn’t a conspiracy — that is Joe Walsh’s own words. Now he is just trying to cover it up after his ex-wife went public with it.

    And the other examples of him being a deadbeat are, for the most part, a matter of public record.

    This stuff isn’t being made up — there are numerous pieces of confirmation.

  11. Those on the far right are quick to defend one term Joe, but when asked for specifics trying to refute his personal shortcoming, they can’t.

    Whether or not he and his ex reached a deal doesn’t expunge the the FACT he neglected paying for his children.

    He lost his license (why), he foreclosed on a home and yet still lived in a mansion on the east side of Lake County until elected.

  12. Oh, yeah integrity matters.

    That’s why the party of lies can never be trusted. Keep that straw man junk alive at all costs.

    Pathetic excuses for your lies.

  13. Cindy – please do tell. What lies?

    Are you saying that Walsh didn’t admit that he didn’t pay his child support?

    Are you saying that Walsh didn’t pay his taxes late, and didn’t have liens filed against him?

    Are you saying that Walsh didn’t get foreclosed on his house?

    Are you saying that Walsh didn’t get sued for not paying for his furnace?

    Are you saying that Walsh didn’t get sued for not paying his campaign staff?

    Look — you can call something a lie all you want, but none of you actually demonstrated what exactly is a lie. And that is quite telling.

    So go ahead – keep calling me and others liars. And keep refusing to back up your assertions.

    But I will say this – saying over and over again that something is a lie doesn’t make it so.

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