Beaubien – Hooking Up with Another Democrat

Readers of McHenry County Blog know that Independent State Rep. candidate Dee Beaubien has hooked up with Democratic Party House Speaker Mike Madigan.

It totals $325,277 so far.

Now a GOP door-to-door canvasser has found evidence that either a Beaubien volunteer or one for the Democratic Party candidate Amanda Howland have is passing out the other’s literature.

The evidence is below:

A door where both Amanda Howland and Dee Beaubien literature has been dropped off.

Beaubien (Ind.-Madigan) and Democrat Howland are running against Republicans David McSweeney and Dan Duffy.


Beaubien – Hooking Up with Another Democrat — 9 Comments

  1. How is this evidence that these two pieces of lit were dropped off by the same person?

    It is very possible that this was done by two different people, yes?

    I have volunteered for numerous candidates over the last several years, I can’t even count the number of times where I dropped off lit at a door that already had another candidate’s lit as well.

  2. Coincidence?

    I think not.

    Just good utilization of limited man- or womanpower.

  3. Cal…trust me-you overestimate how well house and senate Dems coordinate.

    Again – this is evidence of nothing other than both candidates had volunteers on the doors in that precinct. It could have been the same person, but this sure isn’t evidence.

    So lets get this straight…I have given clear evidence that McSweeney is lying about Dee’s “fair” quote, yet you refuse to call out McSweeney on it.

    et you use something as “evidence” to prove that the Beaubien and Howland campaigns are coordinating, even though that evidence says nothing of the sort. Silly.

  4. Not very honest to favor one candidate like this, by supressing wrong doing by that candidate

    Integrity even by a hard republican blog site is oh so important

  5. @Dave’s “you overestimate how well house and senate Dems coordinate.”

    Then how do you explain every single democrat in a contested race abusing the war on women card?

  6. Umm…how about because it is an issue that polls really, really well in most areas, but especially in suburban districts?

    Simple answers to simple questions.

  7. The Tribune was alerted to what you consider a “lie”–McSweeney’s use of the “fair” quote–by both you and I.

    I posted the email you received in the article with the reply I received:

    That means to me they were completely conversant with the pros and cons of his use of the word “fair” when they made their endorsement of McSweeney.

    You are welcome to continue to point out your point of view.

    If she said the new rate was “fair” in comparison to other states, does that make McSweeney a liar?

  8. Cal- let’s put all the facts out there… I shared my email from the Trib with you on the same day you posted the original article, yet you refused to share it until late last week, and you shared it on an old post that very few people will read at this point. Seems to me like you want to hide something.

    Further…I am not sure what your point is about the Trib. They didn’t make an endorsement about whether or not McSweeney was lying. They very clearly made an endorsement based on Speaker Madigan’s involvement.

    But yet, I do think that McSweeny is lying, or at least blatantly misleading, about Dee’s use of the word “fair” as it relates to the tax increase.

    But, back to the original post…your assumptions are silly and based on nothing other than your conjecture. I have knocked for numerous candidates from both parties, and they OFTEN don’t work together with the other chamber’s candidates. And there is often multiple pieces of lit on the same door.

    I’ve dropped lit on doors that already had Duffy lit on them- does that mean if someone else comes behind be they can rightfully assume that the Duffy and Beaubien campaigns are working together because both campaigns have lit on the door?

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