Coroner Confirms Suicide by Man in Crystal Lake

Coroner Marlene Lantz confirmed today, “It was an apparent suicide.”

She also told me that it was a man.

The Crystal Lake Police Department again directed me to the Union Pacific Railroad and I ended up talking to the same media guy I conversed with Saturday, Mark Davis.

Crystal Lake Police were at the site of the Saturday suicide, but the Department was still directing media calls to the Union Pacific Railroad two days later.

As he quickly read the UP report to himself I heard

  • “north side of the road,”
  • “trespassed sustained fatal injuries” and
  • “relatives being notified.”

And, Davis told me local officials would have to release further details.

So I called Metra and got Meg Reile.

She told me more than anyone else has.

And her source seemed to be the Crystal Lake Police Department.

A woman was stopped on Sands Road looking for something in her bag.

She saw a man get out of a vehicle and walk toward the tracks.

The engineer repeatedly blew the train’s horn.

The man stood by the crossing waiting for the train to come.

He stepped in front of the train.

The woman said he “disappeared.”

The man seems to have been a resident of the south side of Crystal Lake.  Her was was 61 years old.

I’m not releasing the name of the man because I can’t see any purpose it would serve.

That’s a bit more than you could have read about the accident in my Saturday article, where there are more pictures.


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