ALAW Releases County Board Endorsements

A press release from the Alliance for Land, Agriculture and Water:


In preparation for the upcoming election on November 6, The Alliance for Land, Agriculture and Water (ALAW) has surveyed and interviewed County Board candidates on environmental issues. We are focused specifically on their understanding of the complex relationship of land use to the preservation of open space, agriculture and water resources.

Our non-partisan recommendations for this election are:

  • District 1: No recommendations
  • District 2: Donna Kurtz, Jim Heisler, Carolyn Schofield, Jim Roden;
  • District 3: Michael Walkup;
  • District 4: John Hammerand;
  • District 5: John Jung Jr., Paula Yensen;
  • District 6: Ersel Schuster, Diane Evertsen.

Copies of the survey for each candidate are available on our web site at

We would like to remind you that “vote for not more than four” does not mean you cannot limit your vote to one, two or three candidates.

ALAW encourages all registered voters to exercise their right to vote this election.

Patricia Kennedy, President
Alliance for Land, Agriculture and Water

= = = = =
Fourteen candidates answered the organization’s questionnaire last spring.


ALAW Releases County Board Endorsements — 1 Comment

  1. Sorry Cal but Ersel Schuster, Diane Evertsen Will not get support from me.

    ersal voted for the gravel pit here in Hebron township, its not lake front property like it was promised.

    She also called the people that were against the pit “a bunch of Johnie come lately s”

    diane voted against the winery outside of Hebron, that makes here anti small business.

    They both voted against a grant for Harvard School District, that would be at NO cost to the county.

    Harvard has the largest teenage pregnancies in the county and could use the money for this education.

    Im sure ALAW is a group with ties to ersal and diane WHO else would endorse these 2 for district 6?

    Why is diane spending more money on her campaign than what she will make in the first 1 1/2 years of the county board job?

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