Mary Margaret Maule Takes on John Hammerand

The Republican who ran first in the GOP Primary Election last March has become the target of the only Democrat running for the McHenry County Board in District 3, which runs from southern McHenry all the way north to the Wisconsin state line.

You can see the mailing below:

The address side of Democrat Mary Margaret Maule’s first mailing.  She says she won’t take healthcare, pension or mileage.

The back side is below:

The back of Mary Margaret Maule’s hit piece on John Hammerand.  Click to enlarge.

Four people will be elected in each County Board district.

In District 5, there are five candidates, four Republican, one Democrat.


Mary Margaret Maule Takes on John Hammerand — 4 Comments

  1. John Hammerand is one of the most thoughtful county board members in McHenry County.

    He is level headed, fair minded, and appears to be non divisive when it comes down to issues that benefit the citizens of Mchenry County.

    Mr. Hammerand might not agree with something placed before the board, but, from what I have seen, Board Member Hammerand contains his vote and thoughts to those who elected him.

    Mary Maule once shook Jack Franks hand and makes sure you’re reminded of that each time you meet her.

    She is a well intended person, however, her thought processes are not conducive to openness.

    Just my opinion.

  2. Another liar, phony, cheating, BIG spending Democrat

    Lies like Obama and Chainsaw Jack Franks

  3. Never seen John smoke!

    Not even a ceeegar!

    Maybe some of Franks war chest made it over to the Maule account?

  4. The low blow Maule has done against Hammerand, nothing surprises me from this Democrat.

    She must be in cohoots with Franks.

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