Over 150 at Bill Prim Meet & Greet

About 150 enthusiastic supporters and just the curious came to meet 2014 Sheriff’s candidate Bill Prim at the Bull Valley Country Club Tuesday night

It came on the day after Undersheriff Andy Zinke subordinate Sgt. John Koziol swore that his boss told the subject of a ten-month Drug Enforcement Administration investigation that he was under investigation. (Summary here.)

Alleged target Brian Goode, President of Crystal Lake’s RITA Corporation, has donated big bucks to Zinke and Sheriff Keith Nygren.

Lou Bianchi acknowledges the applause at Bill Prim’s Meet & Greet at the Bull Valley Country Club.

It was obvious by the attendance of Lou Bianchi and many of his followers that the McHenry County State’s Attorney is supporting Prim.

Lou Bianchi introduces Bill Prim to Mr. and Mrs. Bob Blazier.

Gary Rabine

Many of Bianchi’s supporters were in attendance.

Prime was introduced by Gary Rabine, the man whose company’s radio commercials most have heard.

Rabine described Prim as “a servant leader,” then listed his specialties, the first of which, ironically, was narcotics.

“I understand this job from the bottom up,” Prim explained to the crowd.

“I’d never ask anyone to do anything I haven’t done.

“It’s apparent there are obvious problems trickling down from the top of [the Sheriff’s Department].”

Bill Prim

He promised to restore the Department to its former reputation.

Prim called for basic fiscal management and promised significant cost savings.

The former Des Plaines Police Commander, recently retired, said he would “expand upon the relationships within and outside the County so we can have an effective department again.”

“You can’t be effective if you have the top two law enforcement officers not [talking to each other}.”

Prim said that he thought the problem could be solved in one conversation.

An Internal Affairs Division would be established “outside of the normal chain of command.”

He added that training should mitigate the litigation, which he believes can be handled by the State’s Attorney’s Office.

District 4 Democratic Party County Board candidate Mary Margaret Maule talked with District 2 Board member Donna Kurtz. Kurtz told me she was taking issue with Maule’s attack on John Hammerand in her latest direct mail piece.

“There’s no reason to go outside looking for attorneys.”

Prim called for more volunteers and transparency, which he said could not exist “if you don’t write the public in.”

He promised to “rebuild the trust that seems to have been eroded.

In meeting with Rabine, he was impress with his company’s goal: “world class service with a world class product.”

“We absolutely need a world class Sheriff’s Department,” he concluded.

“You people deserve that.”


Over 150 at Bill Prim Meet & Greet — 9 Comments

  1. I was at the meet and greet and was very pleasantly surprised at the early support for Bill Prim.

    I grew up in McHenry County, graduated from McHenry High School and support Bill Prim 100%.

    McHenry deserves much better leadership and the time has come for all incumbents to be ushered out and replaced with a man with Bill’s experience, character, and passion.

  2. I too am taking issue with Maule’s attack on District 4 County Board member, John Hammerand. John is the most honest, reachable, accountable board members on the Mchenry County board.

    Who is Maule?

    A liberal teacher at MCC, already collecting benefits and a pension from we the people.

    She doesn’t deserve another tax payer funded job.

  3. I read with interest the blog stating there were 150 people at this greet and meet fund raiser.

    100 would be an exaggeration.

    I went there to investigate for myself and talked with some of the people there.

    Some were heard laughing about the Rita-DEA issue.

    How can they be so consumed by this latest jab at Andy Zinke by an apparent disgruntled man upset with his reassignment and less about real issues?

    Rather than wait for facts they giggle with glee.

    I learned a little about the Des Plaines Police Department and you only need to read the Chicago Tribune dated Sept 14 and read about the mountain of issues there.

    Let me quote what they said about the new Chief.

    How he is “tasked with rehabilitating a northwest suburban agency that has been a wellspring of scandal, litigation and unflattering publicity. Des Plaines is generally peaceful. The same has not been true of its Police Department.”

    That’s the Tribune’s slant on things.

    Very little research is needed to uncover that many top commanders suddenly retired in the face of a Federal Investigation about bogus DUI grant records.

    Falsifying arrest data to obtain more grant money.

    Racial discrimination, Police brutality of arrestees.

    Cover ups by command of police brutality resulting in the firing of a deputy Chief.

    I’m not saying Prim is part of this but where did Prim retire from?

    Is it true he gave only TWO days notice?

    What is with that?

    A long career then suddenly “here I quit.”

    Something smells.

    He said he wants to spend more time with his kids, but thinks a campaign will have him home every night?

    I saw and heard enough. Once all the smoke and mirrors of this latest assault upon a dedicated man like Andy Zinke is over, people will see Zinke as the best candidate. I support Zinke.

  4. Mike you my friend are full of you know what.

    You must have been in the wrong place or you need glasses.

    The count was around 150 and I didn’t hear any of the bad chatter.

    Get a life my friend its over the evil wall will fall. F

  5. Your guy isn’t Mr Clean and get your hearing checked.

    More another day.

  6. Dear Lori: Actually. I opted out of the pension plan at the college and do not participate in their healthcare program.

  7. To Mikey for Zinke; you’re the known token spy that’s sent to fundraisers, events, to eavesdrop, slither around and pick up some dirt to dish. anyone in their right mind knows Andy Zinke and Jim Harrison can’t measure up to Bill Priim, no matter how hard you and yours try to dirty him up.

    To Lori White: what do you think of John Hammerand who accepts a paycheck even when he’s on extended yearly vacations in Florida? and hasn’t he recently asked for more $ for “expenses”?

  8. Check the facts, Mike. Prim didn’t give two days notice.

    And if had any issue with Des Plaines, why does he continue to coordinate the youth programs as a Volunteer for the Police Department and sit as a member of a Citizen’s Advisory board at the Chief’s Roundtable?

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