Supporter of Franks’ County Executive Referendum Out Slicing “Vote No” Sign — 4 Comments

  1. Hmm… slicing that sign doesn’t seem to be too effective.

    You know… if anyone other than Jack Franks was pushing this, I might vote for it.

    Haven’t quite decided… but I’m pretty sure that I’m going to vote against it.

  2. Well, it’s evidence that the sign was cut. But it is not evidence of who cut it. It could have been you!

    More baseless, conspiracy theories from Cal Skinner.

    It’s sort of sad that you post false headlines like this without a single iota of proof.

  3. No way Cal, why would someone supporting Jack Franks and his County Exec. Referendum do such a thing?

    Stating the obvious doesn’t make you a Conspiracy Theorist Cal. Lol

    I think we are all adults and can distinguish between fact and one’s opinion.

    Geez…glad I don’t have trolls on my page.

    They are tiresome.

    I will be spending my weekend educating the public about Benghazigate.

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