Lakewood Village President Erin Smith Endorses Ken Koehler for County Board

A letter arrived in the mail today from Erin Smith.

She is the Village President of Lakewood, where I live.

I wondered if she was announcing she is running for re-election, thinking that I hadn’t written a story about that and all of the incumbent trustees but John Burton’s decision to do the same.

But, not.

It was an endorsement letter for McHenry County Board candidate and Chairman Ken Koehler.

Koehler worked with Lakewood on the SportsPlex, so the endorsement didn’t surprise me.

You can see the letter below:

The endorsement letter of Ken Koehler from Lakewood Village President Erin Smith.

Smith relates how Koehler has worked closely with Lakewood “on a variety of issues. She notes the county’s sound financial standing as opposed to those of state government.

I found the following interesting:

“As some people criticize Ken’s influence at the county, state and federal level, it is important to keep in mind that his influence has grown based on trust and credibility. And there is only one way to establish credibility–you do what you said you were going to to. Ken established credibility with his fellow board members and other elected officials by accomplishing the things we defined as priorities.”

Interesting to see how Koehler is viewed by an elected official who has worked with him.

Here’s the palm card that was inside the envelope:

The Ken Koehler palm card that was enclosed in Erin Smith’s envelope.

Here’s the back of the Koehler palm card:

Click to enlarge so you can read the small print on the back of Ken Koehler’s palm card.


Lakewood Village President Erin Smith Endorses Ken Koehler for County Board — 6 Comments

  1. The EDC and Ken have helped 1,000s of business? 1000s?

    Perhaps they might want to review that math- there are 665 manufacturers in this county.

    I would challenge that statement.

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