Romney Signs Defaced in Island Lake

Republican County McHenry Board candidate Mary McClellan sent the latest evidence that local Democrats are not confident that Barack Obama will win Illinois.

Below are the pictures she took of two defaced signs at the corner of Route 176 and River Road:

The word “Fraud” is scrawled on top of this defaced Romney sign.  The initials “IARS” also appear, as well as a reference to a web site.

This Island Lake defaced Romney sign seems to be spray painted.  The message seems to be the same as above, but the vandal apparently ran out of space.


Romney Signs Defaced in Island Lake — 23 Comments

  1. Gosh I may change my vote….that is a powerful message.

    Tricks are for kids.

  2. Btw Cal the signs in Crystal Lake and Woodstock Romney Ryan signs are being targeted as well.

    I believe I saw one last night at the corner of 176 and 47 that was painted over.

    I didn’t stop for a photo.

    Next time I will.

  3. They have no record or message so all they are left with is this.

  4. Cal, do you track all of the Obama signs that are defaced too? guessing no.

    I think that there are jackholes in both parties, and defacing signs is stupid

    But to say it somehow means Democrats aren’t confident President Obama will win Illinois’ electoral votes? Please.

    Now, we can all hope that Walsh and all his out of state money are defeated (yes, I know, I know, you only report on out of state money received by Duckworth. that’s how you roll)

  5. A.B. please show an example other than the ones they defaced themselves only to blame Republicans.

  6. **other than the ones they defaced themselves only to blame Republicans**


    Tonya- what exactly is it like to live in a constant state of paranoia and conspiracy theory?

  7. Awake and American……shhhh we wouldn’t want to wake you.

  8. Blah, blah, blah. Both candidates are worthless.

    Back tracking Romney and Obama who can get nerve up to play hard ball in Washington.

    All politicians talk a good game, but I have little faith in the system these days.

  9. “…The initials “IARS” also appear…”

    Cal- I’m not sure why you cannot discern the letter ‘L’ adjacent to the letters I, A, R, and S. Surprisingly, it spells a word- no initials present.

  10. If I couldn’t figure it out, there’s little chance those in cars could either.

  11. When someone sends me a photo of an Obama sign thief or a defaced Obama sign, I shall be happy to post it.

    Surely you realize that I have to rely on eyes and cameras of readers for information like this.

  12. **If I couldn’t figure it out, there’s little chance those in cars could either.**

    I also have no idea how you missed the L.

    With that said, defacing/damaging/stealing signs is just silly.

  13. My Romney sign was stolen sometime in the past 24 hours.

    My 11 year old (who is embarrassed by all of the signs in my front yard) noticed it before I did.

    I had an extra in my garage, so all is well.

    All a bunch of silliness if you ask me.

    I can’t imagine what these folks think they are accomplishing.

  14. Another Donna Kurtz 4×4 went missing at the bike shop.

    Something tells me that wasn’t Dems stealing the sign.

    And, much worse, the gas station attendant at shell, in Crystal Lake at 14 and Keith threatened my wife (with out kids in the car) saying he wanted to put bullets through Obama magnets- one of which was on the back of my wife’s car.

  15. Cal- if you can’t discern the L, you have a problem with your vision.

    The reason the L is not completely legible in your photograph is that the photographer (you) produced an image that is burned out on the left side.

    An image that a journalist would find unacceptable.

  16. I did not take the photos.

    They came from Holiday Hills resident Mary McClellan.

  17. I early Voted for Mary Mcclellan and not because she was a good photographer.

  18. Hey that 533 Lies site is amazing! I would have never heard of it if Cal hadn’t published this story~ THANKS!

    And as someone who had his 2008 Obama signs (and home) defiled repeatedly– you must be joking if you think this doesn’t happen on both sides.

    I didn’t even bother to put one up this year- don’t need the aggravation and Obama is going to win no matter what

  19. it is if you’re a commie and you want to destroy america, Nuff said

  20. “LIARS” is clear as a bell to me.

    Nobody has to deface a sign for me to know it.

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