Dee Beaubien’s Office Did Not Return John Kass’ Call about Supporting Madigan for House Speaker

Chicago Tribune columnist John Kass has some fun today explaining how numerous Democratic Party State Representatives and candidates for State Rep. refused to tell him if they would vote for Mike Madigan for House Speaker.

Among offices called was that of Dee Beaubien (Ind.-Madigan).

The part of the John Kass Chicago Tribune column on Dee Beaubien can probably be seen without clicking to enlarge the image.

The call was not returned.


Dee Beaubien’s Office Did Not Return John Kass’ Call about Supporting Madigan for House Speaker — 10 Comments

  1. Love it…..

    Where is Dee?

    Out collecting more tainted $$$ from the lying Dems.

  2. **Where is Dee?**

    Actually, she’s out knocking on doors, talking to actual voters, rather than some hack Chicago reporter.

  3. Oh, and “what a laugh” – you still haven’t given one example of Dee or the Dems lying in this campaign.

  4. dave: John Kass is a hack reporter like you know anything about anything.

    This guy has been threatened by Rahm, the mob and other vile people.

    You think he is a hack?

    I could tell ou what that makes you, although Cal probably wouldn’t allow it.

    You, sir, have confirmed that you are an idiot.

  5. John Kass gets his facts wronging often than probably anyone at the Trib. He also writes basically the same article every time he writes.

    And his personal war against Madigan is old and tired.

    And yea – I’m and idiot. Because Paul Greenlee says so. I’m deeply hurt.

  6. I don’t think he got his facts wrong when some of Richie Daley’s mob buddies talked to him one day about how they saw his kids playing in his front yard and how they should be kept safe.

    And dave, any time you want to quit hiding behind your screen name while I put mine out there is OK with me.

    ust because you think Kass is wrong doesn’t mean he is, no matter how often you say it.

    So keep shilling for Dee and if she beats McSweeney, Cal and Andy Gasser will be proved correct.

    And you’ll probably be working for Dee. T

    he more you post, the more you prove out points.

  7. What ever dave says is a laugh…

    Love to read his baseless claims…

  8. Speaking of baseless claims — i.e. 80% of the posts on this blog.

  9. What a laugh- you have yet to point out one baseless claim I have made.

    Not one.

    Just saying…

  10. @Paul- I have no idea what Daley thugs has to do with this conversation.

    It makes for a nice tangent, but isn’t exactly relevant.

    I don’t like John Kass as a journalist- I don’t think he is very good, and I think that he plays VERY loosely with the facts that he writes about.

    He is also a one-trick pony, and he’ll write anhing to bash Madigan regardless if the narrative actually fits.

    But we can disagree with that if you want.

    I really don’t care.

    But what I do think is silly is that Dee should be taking time to call an opinion journalist back about a silly, and, frankly, irrelevant question.

    Speaker Madigan is going still be Speaker Madigan, whether Dee wins or not, and whether Dee votes for him or not.

    ‘m MUCH more interested in talking about the actual issues where McSweeney and Beaubien disagree.

    But no one- and especially none of McSweeney’s supporters- want to do much of that around here, or in the media.

    As for my screen name- I have my reasons for not wanting to use my full name, and I decfinitely don’t need to share those reasons with you.

    But I will wait breathlessly for you to complain about all of those folks that are on your side that don’t use their real names.

    Lets start with “what a laugh.”

    You going to call that person out?

    I am not sure what the rest of your post means…but I’m sure it is really inciteful.

    And you can call it shilling all you want, but I support Dee because I think that she will be a vastly better state representative than Dave McSweeney.

    I also think that most of the crap that McSweeney has been putting out about Dee is absurd.

    Dee has actually run on issues (whether or not you agree with her stances or not), while McSweeney has run against Madigan.

    McSweeney very well may win- it was and is an uphill battle for Deefrom the beginning.

    I hope that Dee can pull it off.

    The 52nd district, and the state of Illinois, will be better off it does happen.

    And I’ll leave with this- I find it fascinating that so many of you McSweeney supporters resort so quickly to personal attacks about commenters that just happen to disagree with you.

    So many of you have resorted to personal, sexist, and offensive attacks about Dee just because she dares to challenge an extremely conservative Republican nominee.

    So keep up the personal attacks.

    Ya’ll do it so well.

    And it says a lot about all of you.

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