Sign Rage on River Road Directed at Yvonne Barnes, Mitt Romney

Andrew Gasser was out working Algonquin Precinct 33 this weekend.

It’s located between Algonquin and Fox River Grove on the east side of the Fox River.

Nice peaceful area.

He came upon vandalized signs.

Yvonne Barnes, Mitt Romney and David McSweeney.

Yvonne Barnes’ sign was ripped from its wire.

Can’t say I have seen where someone has felt so strongly against a candidate that her cardboard sign has been ripped.

The sign vandal on River Road ripped Yvonne Barnes’ .

But, that’s what happened to Yvonne Barnes’ sign.

A Mitt Romney’s sign was crumpled into a ball.

And Romney’s plastic sign was balled up.

The photo of the downed David McSweeney sign includes a nice shot of River Road with the Fox River in the background.


Sign Rage on River Road Directed at Yvonne Barnes, Mitt Romney — 19 Comments

  1. This could be the result of severe winds as well- there is nothing showing intention in those photos.

    I have signs with tire tracks on them- a 4 x4 that was stolen and last election one of my 4 x 4 signs was set on fire-

    It is rarely people involved with a candidate who vandalize signs.

    NO ELECTION EVER was won on signs.

    If someone is deliberately damaging signs- it is just childish.

  2. There was a pick-up full of Bianchi signs followed to its destination in the 2008 primary election, I am informed. It was filled by a Bianchi opponent, I was told.

  3. This is highly suspect activity.

    This is MY neighborhood and I know many of my neighbors.

    No Democratic supporter of ours would even think about defacing signs.

    It’s not what we do, period.

    The anger and frustration is on the Republican side, I’m sorry to say, as evidenced by repeated verbal abuse we experience almost daily as we canvass.

    It is just as likely that the signs are damaged by Republicans who then point to the signs and claim Democrats did it.

    Can’t we all just grow up a bit and stop this nonsense?

    Somebody from Mixed Media Inc was arrested last week for having one of my large signs folded up in his back seat for god’s sake.

    Last Friday in an unincorporated area near Algonquin a campaign worker and his wife were attacked and beaten when they told the homeowner they were Democratic canvassers.

    I accompanied them to the emergency room where he was treated for bruises around his face and neck.

    This man is a senior citizen and Vietnam veteran.

    When the County Cops showed up they didn’t even charge the guy, who had obviously been drinking.

    Is it any wonder why people are disgusted with politics?

    Whoever did this sign damage needs to take a good look in the nearest mirror.

  4. Tell me more about the arrest, Nick.

    Got a police report number?

  5. Nick you have my vote but good luck with the rubber stamps, its the same old, same old. What a crew.

  6. Thanks Mike.

    And you have my assurance that I will represent ALL citizens of District 1, whether or not they vote, and regardless of their feelings toward me or the Democratic Party, if I am elected.

  7. Nick, The people that are out damaging or stealing signs should be arrested and brought before a court of law.

    The administration for the county sheriff’s office and the administration for the local police departments need to make sure their officers are directed to arrest instead of ignoring the issue.

    Most importantly, the senior citizen/Vietnam veteran that was attacked and beaten must demand an arrest against the individual that hurt him and his wife!

    This behavior has a zero tolerance in my book! This needs to stop!

    I’m very sorry for the harm brought to him and his wife.

    They do have rights. Get the police reports from both issues and plaster them here.

    People will take action.

    Years back a few men where going around stealing signs in my neighborhood and they showed up at my house, big mistake.

    I did follow them in my vehicle and called the police to handle it.

    Same year I caught a republican supporter (adult man) stealing many signs.

    I followed him as he fled to WI, I followed.

    The police were called to handle him.

    I’m sure all these men will remember me forever and hopefully stay away from this illegal conduct.

    One of the men still attends republican functions.

    I have my eye on him.

    Please share with us the names of the accused.

  8. Carolyn,

    Good on you for taking an active role in pursuing these lawbreakers.

    The guy who assaulted our campaign workers was never charged, even though the assaulted couple requested it.

    The County Deputy wrongly stated that it was the couple’s word against his.

    I hesitate to state his name publicly without a formal charge against him, but there were witnesses.

    An elderly couple who had just been visited by our workers ran out and implored the man to stop hitting them.

    They refused to give a statement, implying that this man is a known neighborhood bully.

  9. The Obama yard sign from my front yard was stolen again this year. I decided to protest instead of playing cat and mouse games.

    Please click to see.

    I will send Cal a photo of this that he can post. My comment is below.

    Yes! I absolutely realize that elections are not won by yard signs.

    However, yard signs do indicate that a person has given some thought to a candidate, and is willing to be counted as a supporter…perhaps, even be open to debate, and tha…t is a good thing.

    It strengthens and enhances conventional wisdom.

    t makes us stronger. No one has a lock on the truth.

    Even simple signs are a form of political expression, a form of liberty, a right enshrined in our bill of rights.

    This is why I get so angry, when any side steals signs from any side! Social/peer intimidation of political expression is a bad thing.

  10. Ask yourself if you’d be upset if Obama signs were destroyed.

    Hopefully you would show just as much outrage.

    People who do this are just sick.

    I disagree with people, but I’m not going to vandalize stuff.

    It’s kind of reflective of politics in the country.

    Don’t listen.



  11. The police report numbers were given to the moderator.

    I don’t feel compelled to publicize them now.

    Do we have a common interest here Ms. Franklin?

  12. Nick, you made a claim you now refuse to support….that is fact…not fiction.

  13. Does a police report have more than one number or is it identified by one number?

    To my Dem Friends…you all know I question the details….

  14. Becky says; …”yard signs do indicate that a person has given some thought to a candidate, and is willing to be counted as a supporter…perhaps, even be open to debate, and tha…t is a good thing.”

    Boy yard signs mean a lot to you. How about mail boxes and other inanimate objects?

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