Cary Obama Supporter Reacts to Sign Theft

In a comment under a Republican sign theft story is posted this comment from Becky Deignan, who lives in Cary:

“The Obama yard sign from my front yard was stolen again this year.

“I decided to protest instead of playing cat and mouse games.

“Please click to see.

“I will send Cal a photo of this that he can post. My comment is below.

In place of a stolen Barack Obama sign people driving past this home will see three protest signs: “Fear & Repression,” “Resting Place of Stolen Obama Sign,” and ‘Unbecoming and Un-American.”  There is also a “No Trespassing” sign.  Maybe there is a hidden camera, too.

“Yes! I absolutely realize that elections are not won by yard signs.

“However, yard signs do indicate that a person has given some thought to a candidate, and is willing to be counted as a supporter…perhaps, even be open to debate, and tha…t is a good thing.

“It strengthens and enhances conventional wisdom.

“It makes us stronger. No one has a lock on the truth.

“Even simple signs are a form of political expression, a form of liberty, a right enshrined in our bill of rights.

“This is why I get so angry, when any side steals signs from any side!

“Social/peer intimidation of political expression is a bad thing.”

= = = = =
I agree completely.

My wife says she noticed my neighbor across the intersection was missing his Obama and two Jim Roden for County Board sign as she drove to church this morning.


Cary Obama Supporter Reacts to Sign Theft — 9 Comments

  1. I guess there’s no way to tell, but I wonder what percentage of political sign theft/destruction is from bored kids, just as they vandalize Easter, Halloween, and Christmas decorations every year.

  2. Classless.

    Seriously, sometimes I really wonder about the character of the idiots doing this kind of thing… especially on private property.

    Andrew Gasser

  3. In Illinois this is a done deal.

    Obama doesn’t even spend money on political ads here.

    Romney doesn’t spend ( WASTE) his money here either.

    The Socialist State of Chicago controls the state.

    Why even waste the energy and take the chance of being arresetd for a post cause.

    Obama will carry Illinois and no chance of losing the electoral votes.

  4. Justin Obama carried McHenry County in 2008- is McHenry County a socialist state as well????????

  5. Can you read Joe? You must be a slow reader with poor comprehension skills.

    It SAYS “The Socialist State of Chicago controls the state” Nothing is said about McHenry County.

    Is that wrong?

    The miniscule vote in McHenry County doesn’t even dent the vote tally from Chicago.

    In Chicago where an expelled Ex-Senator under indictment will likely be RE-ELECTED.

    Where an absentee Bi-Polar Congressman will likely be re-elected.

    Regardless of whether your swing goes left or right, except for the local races and the congressional seats, the vote for President in this state is a lost cause.

    Hey Joe, take a civics class.

  6. Why people in Illinois put up Obama signs eludes me. Obama will carry Illinois 100% of the time …

    Don’t be so damn sensitive.

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