McSweeney Wins Favorable Headline in Sun-Times

The Sun-Times article about the Dee Beaubien-Dave McSweeney race.

An articlewritten by Chicago Sun-Times Springfield correspondent about the race between Republican Dave McSweeney and Independent Dee Beaubien got the headline McSweeney would have asked for.

Instead of featuring abortion, as does pretty much every Sun-Times headline covering fellow conservative Congressman Joe Walsh, for McSweeney the headline questions Beaubien’s independence:

52nd District: McSweeney vs. Beaubien

Helped by Madigan, Beaubien must prove independence

A $1.5 million contest, McKinney reports, “the most expensive state House race in Illinois this election cycle.”

McKinney’s total from House Speaker and Illinois Democratic Party Chairman Mike Madigan Political Action Committees is $428,000.

Personal PAC, the pro-abortion group, has given $117,000.

Total for Beaubien, including$236,000 from her own money, is $925,000 so far.

McSweeney has brought in $668,000, $145,000 from himself and $160,000 from retired manufacturer Jack Roeser and his family. GOPAC has given $132,500.

Not until the bottom half of the article does McKinney mention the abortion issue charges being levied by Beaubien.


McSweeney Wins Favorable Headline in Sun-Times — 5 Comments

  1. What exactly is she “Independent” about?

    From everything I’ve read about her, she seems like a Democrat who filed as an Independent and is trying to reap the benefits of both.

    Get the D-Cash yet try to distance herself from the people who are funding her. Have your cake and eat it too.

  2. Few things would make Madigan happier than two Democrats (Franks and Beaubien) in McHenry County.

  3. What about Donna Kurtz and Tina Hill supporting Beaubien and getting money from Beaubien via Madigan, they are all phoneys that only care about pro-choice and green energy.

    Both Kurtz and Hill voted to raise the County real estate tax levy for 2011.

  4. Fred: Good to see people are starting to notice.

    I have been told that Patrick Murfin of the local Dem party stated at a rally in Woodstock that the majority of Republicans on the McHenry County Board are really Democrats – they just have not admitted it yet.

    Look at the voting records and what projects they approve, You will come to the same conclusion.

    Read the draft UDO for McHenry County and you will immediately realize that it is fully compliant with Agenda21.

  5. Dave and Joe will have a lot of time to hang out after the election.

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