Sharon Meroni’s Defend the Vote Makes the Big Time

Defend the Vote doesn’t think Mickey Mouse should be able to vote.

Whenever folks see something on Chicago TV or in the Chicago Tribune or Sun-Times, they place inordinate significance to the subject matter.

If it matters to those news deciders, then it must be important, right?

Monday the woman who called the Special Meeting of the McHenry County Republican Central Committee for the purpose of giving Tonya Franklin a chance to run as a Republican against six-term incumbent Jack Franks, got a full page and a half for her favorite cause–Defend the Vote.

In the collective memory of Illinois citizens is the 1960 Presidential election in which voters in cemeteries cast ballots.

I remember when my father moved to Illinois to take a job with the Barley and Malt Institute in 1958, he lived in a single-room occupancy hotel in Chicago before finding a rental at 100 W. Crystal Lake Avenue in Crystal Lake.

That fall, after the election, my father had forwarded to him a letter from the Democratic Ward Committeeman thanking him for voting.

Guess that means my Dad voted twice, because he certainly voted in McHenry County.

Meroni is on a tear attacking the Chicago and Cook County Democrats for not having a Republican judge present when nursing home residents vote.

Her organization has Argonne National Laboratory security experts looking at ballot security and guess what?

It’s not so secure.

The headline on a Chicago Sun-Times article is

Easy voting machine sabotage?

The headline on the internet is

Researchers break open voting machines in test of security

Democrat David Orr charges that the group “has a partisan agenda.

We don’t need no investigation by no goo-goos, seems to be the attitude of the Chicago Board of Elections and the Cook County Clerk.

No looking behind the curtain, here, folks.


Sharon Meroni’s Defend the Vote Makes the Big Time — 9 Comments

  1. Really Cal?

    A fifty year old form letter to your dad is somehow evidence of voter fraud?

  2. This just in, cold war over! In other related news: voter fraud=republicans trying to scare/prevent legitimate voters out of voting. (pretty much everyone knows that except republicans, who won’t admit they know that).

  3. FYI 2: Interesting point is that the major force behind voter fraud is a democrat.

    Bev Harris has been working on this issue for many years.

    Those of you who have your head in that dark place may want to consider what Bev and Sharon are attempting to educate the public about.

    The machines are easily hacked.

    Voting by machine is not secure.

    Return to the paper ballot.

    Start being realistic about elections.

    Pay elections judges what they are being paid but assign judges to only work a half day.

    I am fed up with dealing with well-meaning people who need a nap in the afternoon.

    Change the law to eliminate “motor voter” which is the root of most fraud – intentional or not.

  4. Democrats are the biggest offenders of fraud voting.

    Especially in Cook County.

    Where do you think the slogan: “Vote Early and Vote Often” originated?

    Where else but Chicago, Crook County.

  5. “Vote Early and Vote Often”

    This was believed to be said by Al Capone, a Democrat and a Chicago resident.

    Most know Capone didn’t pay taxes and was jailed to his forgetfulness.

    Funny how history repeats itself.

  6. Wow, anecdotal evidence is very dispositive!

    A guy once told me that there was never any voter fraud ever anywhere, and he said he checked real close.

    Case closed?

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