Walsh Calls Out Duckworth SuperPAC Fund Raiser

A press release from Congressman Joe Walsh:

Duckworth Campaign Finance Chair Paid to Play in Blago Administration

Part of an editorial cartoon about Rod Blagojevich.

Recently it was discovered that 21 donors to Tammy Duckworth’s congressional campaign also funneled $3 million into a Super PAC (House Majority PAC) attacking Congressman Joe Walsh.

Now, it has been discovered her campaign finance chairman, William Brandt Jr., was the beneficiary of an appointment to run the Illinois Finance Authority by Rod Blagojevich after Brandt’s company donated $165,000 to Blagojevich’s reelection campaign.

Congressman Joe Walsh stated, “Tammy Duckworth’s liberal elite donors have tried to buy her a congressional seat, and now we know that the head of her fundraising effort, William Brandt Jr., bought a Blago appointment after contributing $165,000 to his campaign.

“Brandt was appointed as head of the Illinois Finance Authority, which provides public money to businesses and organizations.

“What’s even more telling is that in Brandt’s first meeting as head of the IFA, he fired the board’s lobbyist for what was deemed a ‘political decision’ by Governor Blagojevich’s office.

“This is not far off the path of Tammy Duckworth’s actions, who as a fellow Blago appointee attempted to fire, humiliate and threaten two whistleblowers in the Illinois VA.”

Walsh concluded, “The Duckworth for Congress campaign is a group of political insiders from the Blagojevich era, including Ms. Duckworth herself.

“The more voters learn about Ms. Duckworth’s Chicago machine style politics, the more they are turning away from her.

“If Ms. Duckworth wants to prove she’s as independent minded as she advertises herself to be, she should remove fellow Blago appointee William Brandt from her finance committee and return the money from the 21 donors to her campaign that also donated the George Soros backed House Majority PAC.”

Read more about William Brandt Jr.’s firing of an Illinois Finance Authority lobbyist here.


Walsh Calls Out Duckworth SuperPAC Fund Raiser — 4 Comments

  1. It’s amazing that “Joe” Walsh can still find new ways to embarrass himself.

  2. Joe Walsh, Jr, October 23, 2012:

    Please Ms. Duckworth, try to win this campaign by focusing on issues where you disagree with our dad.

    Joe Walsh, Sr, October 20, 2012:

    Issues? What issues? I don’t like her fund raiser!

  3. Ooh… here is another one:
    Joe Walsh, Sr, 10/19/12:

    I will spend the next 19 days talking about jobs, the economy, and our debt and what I intend to do to help get this country working again.

    So how, exactly, is Mr. Brandt related to “jobs, the economy, and our debt: and what you “intend to do to help get this country working again?”

  4. Sour grapes much … hey, Joe, wait until the election is over to whine.

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