Mary Margaret Maule Makes Second Mailing

The Democrat challenging Republican hegemony in McHenry County Board District 4 is Mary Margaret Maule.

She is running against four Republicans in a district that now has four GOP County Board members.

One, Pete Merkel, is retiring. Bob Martens is won the right to run in his place.

Maule’s first mailing was an attack on John Hammerand.

The second is a positive piece.

The address side states Mary Margaret Maule’s position on taking employee benefits as a County Board member.

The back of Mary Margaret Maule’s latest mailing seems to be asking fora vote for her candidacy to the exclusion of the other candidates.  That she is running on the Democratic Party ticket is not mentioned.


Mary Margaret Maule Makes Second Mailing — 3 Comments

  1. I am amazed at how little campaigning I have seen from folks in the 2nd district.

    Donna Kurtz signs are all over, and she’s working hard going door to door.

    And someone from Jim Roden’s campaign dropped off lit on my door.

    But I haven’t received one piece of mail from any of the 6 candidates.

    I haven’t had anyone other than Roden drop lit off on my door.

    Donna knows she has my support, so she probably skipped my house.

    But the other candidates have been totally absent.

    And where the heck is Jim Kennedy?

    Not only have I not seen any lit from him… I don’t now if I have even seen one yard sign.

  2. I’ve seen a couple of Kennedy yard signs, but nothing elsle and nothing from Roden.

    I have done my own due diligence and am supporting Kurtz, Heisler and Roden, splitting my ticket.

    I cannot justify a vote for Koehler, Kennedy or Schofield.

  3. Oh, don’t worry. I’m doing my due diligence as well.

    Crystal Lake has a good number of Roden signs. I’ve seen as many Roden signs as I have Heisler or Schofield.

    And BTW, Paul. I find it ironic that you and I will be voting for similar people. 🙂

    I’ll be voting for Roden and Kurtz… maybe Kennedy.

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