What Do Dee Beaubien & Tammy Duckworth Really Believe about Abortion? The Personal PAC Questionnaire

After the deluge of publicity about how “extreme” Congressman Joe Walsh is on the abortion issue went unanswered, my frustration level grew so much that I posted the following on Capitol Fax Blog:

Cal Skinner – Monday, Oct 15, 12 @ 10:33 am:

Picture a bold Pro-Lifer’s response.

Run a video of a baby developing.

Say, “Not all of us are going to agree when this becomes a baby, but all of us are going to agree there is a baby before the baby is born.

“Tammy Duckworth believes that mothers should be able to abort their babies up until the day they are born.

“Now, that’s extreme.”

Run text along the bottom quoting what Duckworth’s told the Tribune: “Duckworth said she does not ’support any restrictions on a woman’s right to chose or her access to safe, affordable reproductive health services.”

Now, it would take a bold Pro-Life candidate to follow this advice and there have been none sighted in Illinois.

Something like this run against Pat Quinn during the last days of the campaign would have elected Bill Brady, I believe.

Dave McSweeney went in this direction in a mailing that got delivered on Saturday that can be seen here:

Also related to abortion, a Catholic Church in Crystal Lake went all in on Obama last weekend:

Below you will see the pro-abortion Personal PAC five-page questionnaire for legislative candidates. Personal PAC requires answers that agree with its positions in order to get an endorsement.

Take a read and see if you conclude that a Personal PAC-endorsed candidate has an “extreme” position on abortion.  Click on any page to enlarge it.

Some of the letter writers in the Chicago Tribune provide rebuttals to the attacks on Joe Walsh:

The letters supporting Joe Walsh don’t get put in a prominent location, but they did make the Tribune Monday. Click to enlarge.


What Do Dee Beaubien & Tammy Duckworth Really Believe about Abortion? The Personal PAC Questionnaire — 16 Comments

  1. What a waste of ink and paper!

    When you boil it down, it all comes down to one fundamental question: “Do you believe in government interference in a person’s private affairs?”

    The rest is fluffy cr@p.

  2. @FYI 2 — I don’t understand.

    Not sure how there are issues that are too important for politics, considering that elected officials make decisions about pretty much everything.

    And this is especially true about abortion.

    So how is it too important for politics?

    I would argue that it is too important to NOT be political.

  3. I’m really confused- the survey is blank right?

    So there AREN’T responses from Duckworth or Beaubien to the questions despite what the headline reads.

    Is that correct?

    We’re just supposed to be outraged that the questionaire exists?

    Is that what we’re outraged about?

  4. To get an endorsement from Personal PAC, one must answer their questions appropriately.

  5. So you printed a blank survey without any idea how either candidate answered instead of actually citing their words, deeds and positions?


  6. I have been watching Personal PAC since 1990 and know its method of operation.

    You can read in the Tribune Tammy Duckworth’s comment on abortion:

    “Duckworth said she does not ‘support any restrictions of a woman’s right to choose or her access to safe, affordable reproductive health services.’”


    That statement is consistent with answering all the Personal PAC questions in the manner that Personal PAC desires.

    Dee Beaubien’s long-time support of Personal PAC is indisputable.

  7. “Tammy Duckworth believes that mothers should be able to abort their babies up until the day they are born….”

    You crafted this statement of fact, Cal. Please provide your reference.

  8. The quote from the October 12th Chicago Tribune article entitled, “Duckworth TV ad hits Walsh on abortion.”

    Unfortunately I cannot find a link that works. This one appears above what I am reading:


    In any event, I have posted the internet version in the article where I originally posted the quote:


  9. Perhaps I was unclear.

    I was looking at a voter guide for county board and our other elected officials.

    Literally all of the people looked well qualified and thoughtful.

    I am pretty sure that I am not alone in believing that our county board is about as useful as a bag of dog poo.

    Our taxes are what have to be record high, looks like we might have spent about a million dollars to prosecute our state’s attorney for a totally dog poo claim that wasn’t worth a million dollars to us.

    Literally the board meets and gives our tax money away because I can only believe they think the money grows on trees.

    District 200’s budget is 90 million per year, or sheriff’s budget is around 24 million dollars (in a county of about 300K)

    And you want these people to deal with abortion.


    just wow fella.

    They can’t do their jobs right and you want them to do something about abortion, you must be out of your freaking mind.

    Why don’t you have them handle your finances.

    That way you won’t have internet access anymore unless you walk to the library and we won’t have to listen to silly ideas anymore.

    As I said.

    Abortion is WAY too important for politics.

    It would be different if we had competent people, but can you say we do (and I can only think that you will say we do if you are one, that’s the depth of opinion I am used to)

  10. Really, Cal? Unless you think this is a joke, your family needs to intervene here.

    I asked for a reference to your blindly speculative statement, and you send me to one of your previous blog posts- one utterly devoid of facts or references, but merely repetition:

    “…“Duckworth said she does not ‘support any restrictions of a woman’s right to choose or her access to safe, affordable reproductive health services.’”

    That’s shorthand for “I think a woman should be able to abort her baby until the day before birth.”

    Last time I checked, one blindly speculative statement does not function as support for a subsequent blindly speculative statement.

    Ah- I forgot. That rule applies only in the real world.

  11. The internet version of the Tribune article is now posted in the article which I referenced.

    That’s where Duckworth’s quote comes from.

  12. I heard Duckworth asked in one of the debates when a fetus became a baby.

    She answered “at birth.”

    That is extreme.

    Cal is correct with what he says about how Personal PAC operates.

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