Cook County Nursing Home Residents at Democrats’ Mercy, GOP Volunteers Sought

And, according to this email today from Defend the Vote‘s Sharon Meroni, the Democratic Party election officials won’t even tell who the judges will be who take votes from nursing home residents.

The voting will be Friday and she seeks Republicans to volunteer to ensure chicanery does not occur.

Editor Note: Aaron Del Mar, Cook County Republican Chairman, is authorizing this investigation of the nursing home vote in Cook County.


This is the problem…

Noah Praetz has stated he cannot send me ANY lists of nursing home judges because he sent me wrong data before and I reacted by asking the question with all of you cc’d. This is like punishing the recipient of his error.

Time is short. Friday is voting day for the nursing homes. In March 75% of the nursing home residents’ rights were violated. Yet not one of you, except Noah, responds?

How can this be?

Who is going to watch these voters?

Where is the Illinois State Board of Elections?

For the FIRST time ever, Chicago managed to get voting Republicans into the appropriate nursing home election judge positions. (info via Commissioner Richard Cowen).

This compared to Cook County which is COMPLETELY stonewalling all of our access… And refuses to send us the names of the election judges for the Nursing Homes?

Only they know who the mysterious judges are. Judges, that Cook County has already had trainings for. Did they sign in to train anonymously?

In Cook County, our most vulnerable voters vote on Friday. Over 3000.

Our election security is partisan based.

The law lays out how the nursing home patient vote is to be conducted.

Cook County is in violation of these laws.

Who is protecting the nursing home resident’s vote? Who has the jurisdiction? Please, I need to know, are we alone in this battle to protect the most vulnerable voters in Cook County?


Sharon Meroni 

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